“Fish Research” holds a symposium on fish farming in light of climate changes

The Central Laboratory for Fisheries Research of the Agricultural Research Center organized a seminar entitled “Fish Farming in Light of Climate Change”, headed by Dr. Refaat El-Gamal, Director of the Central Laboratory for Fisheries Research.

The impact of climate change

The symposium dealt with a number of important issues and challenges related to climate change and its impact on fisheries. During it, the effects of various industrial processes such as burning oil, gas, wood and coal on climate change, which lead to the release of toxic chemical compounds into the atmosphere, were discussed. These compounds, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen, cause high temperatures and the greenhouse effect.
Possible effects on fish stocks
In the context of talking about the potential impacts on fisheries, the experts referred to several key points to address these challenges, and some of the proposed solutions included:
1. Developing fish strains that are resistant to climate change.
2. Focusing on correct feeding of fish, adjusting it according to temperatures, and using less protein content at higher temperatures
3. Improving water quality in fish farms, using alternators and water conditioners such as ammonia-consuming probiotics
4. Developing sustainable farming techniques.
5. Finding local alternatives to fodder.
6. Follow up the health status of the fish periodically.
7. Activating biosecurity measures and using specialized feeds to enhance fish immunity.

Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, recommended cooperation between various disciplines and cadres of researchers and specialists in the fisheries and fisheries sector.to the private sectorAccording to the instructions of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. El-Koseir, to be present in the midst of farmers, anticipate events, study problems and give solutions.
In conclusion, the symposium recommended that the attendees emphasize the importance of joint action to address the challenges of climate change and preserve fish wealth, and support sustainable trends and modern technology in this regard. This meeting comes in the context of the endeavor of the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Central Fisheries Research Laboratory, to achieve sustainable development and keep abreast of scientific and environmental developments affecting the fisheries sector.

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