For students of the third stage… Higher institutes “Division of Computer Science and Information Systems”

The electronic coordination website has opened the door for registration for students of the third stage who succeeded in the first round of high school this year 2023, as well as those who are lagging behind from the first and second stages to write down their desires, starting from today, Wednesday, corresponding to 8/30/2023 until Friday, corresponding to 9/1/2023, with a number of students 83,863 for scientific subjects: 205 degrees, or 50%, and literary subjects: 205 degrees, or 50%. The number of students: 50,983. The total number of students in scientific and literary subjects: 134,846 male and female students.

The Ministry of Higher Education announced that the announcement of the results of the third stage (first round) nominations will be postponed until the wishes of successful students in the (second round) exams for high school this year 2023 are registered, and then the full stage nominations results will be announced.

Closing the headquarters of the facility called “Advanced Scientific for Computers and Information Technology”

During the work of the third phase to coordinate university admissions 2023, the Ministry of Higher Education announced universities and institutes accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities to confront fictitious entities, as a decision was issued by Dr. Information” and its headquarters (28 Al-Sahab Street in Al-Haram _ behind Giza Governorate), which promotes itself by accepting high school and high school graduates, equivalent certificates and technical diplomas (industrial – agricultural – hotel), in the disciplines of management information systems, computers, tourism studies, medical analysis, medical services, etc., without obtaining the necessary licenses from the competent authorities in this regard.

Higher Private Institutes “Division of Computer Science and Information Systems”
It includes (15) institutes, as follows:
1. Higher Future Institute for Specialized Technological Studies.
2. The Modern Academy of Computer Science and Management Technology in Maadi.
3. The Higher Institute of Computer Science and Information Systems, 6th of October.
4. Higher Transit Institute for Management, Computers and Information Systems, Belbeis Desert Road, Km 21.
5. Thebes Higher Institute for Computer and Administrative Sciences in Cairo.
6. Pharaohs Higher Institute for Computer, Information Systems and Management – Mariouteya – El Haram.
7. The Higher Institute of Computers and Information Technology, El-Shorouk City.
8. Higher Institute of Computer Science and Information Systems, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.
9. The Higher Institute of Management and Information Technology in Kafr El-Sheikh.
10. Cairo Higher Institute for Engineering, Computer Science and Management – Fifth Settlement – New Cairo.
11. Akhbar Al Youm Academy, 6th of October.
12. The Higher Technological Institute in the Tenth of Ramadan.
13. Misr Higher Institute of Commerce and Computers, Mansoura.
14. Thebes Higher Institute for Management and Information Technology, Saqqara Road, Giza.
15. Canadian Higher Institute for Computers, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

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