Health control: Accreditation and registration of 9 family medicine units and centers in Luxor, Ismailia and Suez

Dr. Ahmed Taha, Chairman of the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Control GAHAR, announced today the most important decisions issued by the Supreme Committee for Accreditation, which was held on Tuesday, August 15, where the committee agreed to grant accreditation certificates to the following medical facilities:

– Old Al-Mahsama Family Medicine Center in Ismailia.
Al-Dhahiriya Family Medicine Unit, Ismailia Governorate.
– Hajir Al-Mahamid Kebly Family Medicine Unit, Luxor Governorate.
– Al-Zamamy Family Medicine Unit, Luxor.
– Bahri Bedouin Medicine Unit, Luxor.

In the same context, the Authority decided to register the Medical Complex Hospital of the Police Authority in New Cairo, and the New Medical Center Hospital in Alexandria, in addition to registering 5 family medicine units and centers, namely:
– Suez Family Medicine Unit 1 in Suez Governorate
– Egypt Health Family Medicine Center, Suez Governorate
Abu Atoh Family Medicine Center, Ismailia Governorate
– West Qantara Family Medicine Center, Ismailia Governorate
– Abu Tafila Family Medicine Unit, Ismailia Governorate.

The Chairman of the Health Accreditation and Control Authority added that the committee’s approval of the accreditation and registration of health facilities is based on the auditors’ reports related to the evaluation of the facilities in accordance with the national accreditation standards guides issued by the authority, which obtained international accreditation from (ESCWA).

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