Higher education continues to pursue and close fictitious entities in Cairo

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, issued a decision to close the headquarters of the facility called “Egypt Academy for Medical Sciences” located in Omar Bin Abdel Aziz Street, Mansheyat Gamal Abdel Nasser Towers, Apartment No. 5 Helwan, Cairo Governorate, which also announces itself under the name “Egypt Academy for Medical Sciences”. nursing”.

The facility promotes itself as practicing an educational activity, and accepts holders of preparatory, high school, and equivalent intermediate qualifications, without requiring age and total, to obtain a nursing assistant certificate, and that the certificate is accredited by Egyptian universities, and the student obtains a license to practice a profession in all fields. Hospitals after obtaining the diploma, and the facility claims to grant a training diploma in the specialties of nursing, radiology, and analysis, without obtaining the necessary licenses from the competent authorities in this regard.

Legal and judicial procedures

Dr. Ayman Ashour addressed the governor of Cairo to take all legal and judicial measures against the aforementioned facility.

The minister praised the efforts of the Judicial Enforcement Committee in confronting these entities, directing to intensify its efforts during the coming period. to raid any fictitious entities or premises engaged in educational activities, without obtaining a license; In order to preserve the interests of students and parents and to ensure that they are not manipulated.

This came in the light of a report submitted by Mr. Atta, Head of the Education Sector at the Ministry, regarding the work of the Judicial Enforcement Committee, stressing that the Judicial Enforcement Committee continues to confront fictitious entities in implementation of the directives of the Minister, calling on parents not to follow these fictitious entities.

Marketing activities of fictitious entities

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, the media advisor and official spokesperson for the Ministry, stated that the committee for monitoring the marketing activities of fictitious entities on various social media sites continues its work around the clock, and submits its periodic reports on a weekly basis to the Minister of Higher Education. To take the necessary legal measures against these fictitious entities, pointing out that, in the framework of coordination with the Ministry of Justice, the number of members of the Judicial Enforcement Committees at the Ministry of Higher Education has been increased. to intensify its campaigns during the coming period.

The spokesperson added that a list of educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education for the first university level (bachelor’s, licentiate) has been prepared, and it is continuously updated and published on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, the official social networking pages of the ministry, and the website of the Supreme Council of Universities, for information. On the part of students and parents, so as not to fall prey to fictitious entities, and in the event of a desire to verify the legitimacy of any academic institution, one can refer to the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and its accounts on social networking sites.

● A list of educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education

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