Housing: Completion of the development of Hofi Road in 6th of October

Eng. Adel Al-Najjar, President 6th of October City Development AuthorityThe development work of Al-Hofy Road (formerly Al-Nadi Road) has been completed, which separates the 6th of October Club from the Seventh District, and connects the parallel central axis with the Gamal Abdel Nasser axis.

Al-Najjar said that Al-Hofy Road was expanded by adding parallel parking on the road, in addition to raising the side parking areas to organize parking, and preparing a bicycle path within the comprehensive plan for bicycle paths on the city’s roads and axes.

housingCompletion of lighting works, maintenance and replacement of columns

He explained that the lighting work has been completed, which included maintenance and replacement of poles, as well as afforestation works of trees, palm trees and soil covers with the modern irrigation system. To improve the visual image, stressing the interest of the 6th of October City Authority in the sidewalks used for pedestrians and taking into account people with special needs, as attention was paid to the elements of ground planning, pedestrian crossing lines, bicycle paths, and warning and indicative signs that regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Housing: Providing parking spaces in the city for usufruct

In a related context, the 6th of October City Development Agency offered parking spaces for vehicles in exchange for using different spaces in (the Fifth Neighborhood – the Sixth Neighborhood – the Seventh Neighborhood – the Eighth Neighborhood – the Tenth Neighborhood – the Eleventh Neighborhood) with the aim of eliminating random parking spaces, according to several conditions. And that applications will continue to be received until 7/9/2023.

And he had Dr. Asim Al-Jazzar issued a statement housing Utilities and urban communities, 3 decisions to remove Building violations located in plots of land under the jurisdiction of the two development agencies, “Sector One of the Northwest Coast – New Malawi”, stressing the need to prevent violations in all their forms, and to take the necessary measures against violators, with the aim of eliminating random phenomena in the new cities.

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