Housing offers distinct lands for individuals in 6 cities, with a down payment of 25,000 pounds

The Ministry of Housing, represented by the Urban Communities Authority, announced the launch of the third advertisement for housing lands for individuals of different sizes, provided that the application for the lands continues for a period of two months.

Housing is offering new territory

In the new city of Borg El Arab, one piece of land with an area of ​​216 square meters is offered in the first neighborhood in the Fifth Neighborhood, at a price of 3170 pounds per square metre.

The seriousness of seizing medium plots amounted to 25,000 pounds, while it recorded 350,000 pounds for the most exclusive plots, and 100,000 pounds for privileged plots.

Putting up new lands for individuals

The ministry indicated that reservation on the site is available for a period of two months until 10/21/2023, and that reservation is without any precedence of any kind, whether it is access to this website, preliminary reservation of a piece of land, or transferring the seriousness of reservation to the plot of land.

The Ministry of Housing, represented by the Urban Communities Authority, offers 155 plots of land in the axis of distinguished lands, in the cities of (Al-Shorouk – October Gardens – New Salhia – New Burj Al Arab – New Fayoum – New Beni Suef).

Steps to apply for new lands

We review the application steps as follows:

– Entering the site of reserving a dwelling land.

– Review the available plots of land in each axis, and download the bid requirements document for the axis of the offering that you want.

– Create a new account (for new customers), and fill in the required data such as (national number – name from the national ID card – e-mail – mobile number – current address).

– Choose the axis and the city in which you want to book.

– Choose the location, and click on the word Details, to show it a list of all available plots of land (sketches – detailed table).

Completion of the rest of the reservation procedures described in detail on the site, including (the inclusion of the payment currency for the rest of the land price for the most exclusive plots of land – the inclusion of the completion percentage for the rest of the land price for the axes of the distinguished and medium plots of land).

Steps to reserve the lands of the Ministry of Housing

– Extracting the reservation form that includes all the data and options listed by the reservation, and signing it.

– The form includes a pledge stating that the applicant, his wife, or his minor children have never allocated a housing unit or a plot of land to any of them within the social housing project, and it is attached after signing on the website.

Attach a receipt for payment of the seriousness of the reservation and study expenses.

– In the event of overcrowding on one piece of land in the axis of the most exclusive plots of land, the payment currency will be returned, which gives preference to payment in US dollars (transfer from abroad or from within, provided that 60 days have passed since its deposit in the bank).

– While the privileged and medium plots of land, the highest percentage of completion is referred to for the remainder of the price of the plot of land.

– In the event of equality, the public lottery between the two barriers will be invoked.

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