Khaled Abdel Ghaffar: “100 Health Days” provided more than 26 million free services within 68 days

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, announced the provision of 23 million, 9 thousand and 809 medical services through the “100 Health Days” initiative, since its launch on June 25, until yesterday evening, Thursday, August 31, in all governorates of the Republic.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, stated that since its inception, 791,105 services have been provided as part of the President’s initiative to support women’s health – in the first visit – while occasional and frequent visits amounted to 2,8,537 visits.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the “100 Health Days” provided the services of the President’s initiative for early detection and treatment of hearing impairment and loss in newborns to 341,565 children, while the initiative provided 2,441,543 services within the President’s initiative for early detection and treatment of chronic diseases and renal impairment.

Issuing treatment decisions at the expense of the state for 694,436 citizens

Abdul Ghaffar indicated that the initiative, since its inception, has provided 180,213 services within the presidential initiative for maternal and fetal health, and 322,066 services for issuing certificates for the president’s initiative to examine those about to get married, and 115,774 citizens have been treated as part of the president’s initiative to end waiting lists and issue decisions. Treatment at state expense for 694,436 citizens.

He said that “100 Health Days” provided services of the President’s initiative to examine cancerous tumors (prostate, colon, lung, and cervix) by filling out 983,694 questionnaires, adding that the total number of medical convoys was 665,231 citizens.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the number of female beneficiaries of family planning clinics services amounted to 4,201,769 beneficiaries, and the home visits of rural women pioneers amounted to 4,159,254 visits, and the rates of routine vaccinations for children reached 8,950,638 children.

And he added that “100 health days” provided 153,984 services in the field of mental health, which included emergency services, psychological treatment, addiction treatment for adults and adolescents, rehabilitation, psychological support, follow-up on complaints and response to inquiries.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the initiative provided awareness and health education services to about 3 million, 335 thousand and 138 citizens, through community communication teams deployed in public areas, clubs and malls in the governorates, to raise awareness and direct citizens to receive the services of public health initiatives provided by the campaign, and educational seminars were also held. and awareness activities.

Abdul Ghaffar called on all citizens to go to the headquarters of the initiative’s services, and the locations of the mobile clinics, to benefit from their services, or to request home visits for elderly patients and those unable to move, via the hotline “15335”.

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