Launching the activities of the second phase of the “Egyptian Child Empowerment” initiative in Matrouh

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood announced the launch of the second phase of the Egyptian Child Empowerment Initiative, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, the Council of Egyptian Tribes and Families, the Ashoka Arab World Organization, and UNICEF, within the framework of the “One Homeland” initiative, which is being implemented in all governorates.


The initiative is implemented through many activities over a period of ten days, starting from today until August 24, 2023, as it includes a training course for teachers and social workers, in addition to implementing the activities of the National Initiative for Empowering Girls “Doi”, which is sponsored by Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi, wife of the President of the Republic, and attention to societal problems and participation Effective activities for children and those dealing with them to make societal change, and to create a safe and supportive school environment for children.

It is worth noting that a closing event will be implemented for children after the completion of the activities related to the initiative.


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