Link to capacity tests for technical diplomas 2023 and application conditions

With the announcement of the result of the technical diploma, students of technical diplomas and their parents were preoccupied with knowing the ability tests link for technical diplomas 2023 to register to perform the capabilities exams for the year 2023, as they appeared in front of all technical certification coordination services, and reservations are currently open to perform the capabilities tests for technical certificates, and the student can enter the coordination site To register for all capacity exams.

Link to capacity tests for technical diplomas 2023

Al-Dustour reviews the link for the 2023 capacity exams for technical diplomas, and the conditions for applying for the 2023 capacity exams.

The electronic coordination website will allow students of technical certificates to register their desires to perform all capabilities tests that qualify for these colleges during the period from yesterday, Thursday, 8/31/2023 to Sunday, 9/3/2023, and passing, performing and organizing all capabilities exams will be considered a prerequisite for students wishing By enrolling in the colleges in which admission will be required to pass aptitude tests, and these colleges are:

  • Faculties of Fine Arts “Department of Architecture – Department of Arts” in the universities of “Helwan – Alexandria – Minya – South Valley in Luxor {arts} only”.
  • Colleges of Applied Arts in Helwan, Banha, Beni Suef, Damietta, and Tanta universities.

Examinations will be held in the relevant colleges during the period from Saturday, 9/2/2023 to Monday, 9/4/2023.

Registration link for capacity exams 2023 for technical diplomas

With regard to the link for registering the capacity exams for the year 2023 for technical diplomas, the student must log in to the coordination website, through the following link from here Then go to the registration page and book the aptitude tests.

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Conditions for applying for capacity exams 2023

  • All students of advanced technical schools and technical (industrial) institutes are allowed to apply for exams that qualify for admission to these colleges according to their specialization, provided that the student obtains 75% of the total.
  • Candidates for these colleges will be among the students who are suitable for these tests, with the precedence of the total total, and in accordance with the numbers determined by the Supreme Council of Universities and the rest of the admission conditions and rules.
  • It will be required that the student be of Egyptian nationality from the graduates of the year 2023 (newness of the qualification).
  • The student must have obtained the qualification in one of the disciplines mentioned in the statement only.

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