Link to coordinate technical diplomas 2023.. The date for applying for capacity tests

Students and their parents are looking for a link to coordinate technical diplomas 2023, following the announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to open the door for submission to pass the ability tests to enroll in colleges during the next academic year 2023-2024, which requires passing these tests so that diploma students can complete their university education in their specialties according to the controls coordination.

Link to coordinate technical diplomas 2023

Students who have technical diplomas of all kinds and their educational systems (3-5) years can register their desires to join the colleges available to them during the next academic year through the coordination website link (from here) By entering all the required personal data and information about the student and the type of diploma he obtained.

Students who have certificates from advanced industrial technical schools and diplomas from industrial technical institutes can apply in the coordination of universities to enroll in the colleges they desire and which were determined for them by the Supreme Council of Universities, where they are entitled to 10% of the seats according to the regulations for the coordination of the last year 2022-2023.

The date for applying for the aptitude tests for diploma students 2024

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to open the door for submission of aptitude tests to apply in the colleges available to them, during the period from Thursday, corresponding to August 31, 2023 until Sunday, corresponding to September 3, 2023, when the aptitude tests are held in the colleges to pass their tests, during the period from Saturday Corresponding to 2/9/2023 until Monday 4/9/2023.

The coordination of universities for students of technical diplomas is announced through the Coordination Office of the Ministry of Higher Education after announcing the results of the aptitude tests and notifying the Coordination Office officially of the result to be added to the student’s technical diploma certificate so that he can complete his studies in the college he desires or not.

Steps to register the wishes of diploma students in coordination 2024

Through the link for coordinating technical diplomas 2023, and by following the following steps, students’ wishes can be registered through the coordination website for the next academic year 2023-2024:

  • Log in via the coordination website (from here).
  • Choose the wish registration icon for diploma students.
  • Enter complete student data and specify the type of diploma.
  • Recording 75 wishes in the coordination form.
  • Click on the word save.

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