List of colleges available in the second phase 2023 literary in public universities

The search for colleges available in the second phase 2023 Literary leads to various search engines as well as social networking sites for students to inquire about the colleges available to them, with the start of coordinating the second phase to register their desires today, Tuesday.

Colleges available in the second phase 2023 literary

In the following report, we show the available faculties in the second phase 2023 literary, as well as the link to the electronic coordination website, which is possible through registration of desires.

Registration of desires for colleges and institutes in the second phase is available through the electronic coordination website, which can be accessed from here.

Desires can be coordinated through the computer laboratories in Egyptian universities or through the student’s personal computer throughout the day.

Coordinating colleges for the second stage 2023, the Literary Division

After announcing the result of coordinating the first stage for high school students, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced vacant places for students in the second stage for the literary section, most notably:

  • Aswan rights
  • Assiut rights
  • Banha rights
  • Beni Suef rights
  • South Valley Rights
  • Helwan rights
  • Tanta rights
  • Ain Shams Rights
  • Sadat City Rights
  • Alexandria rights
  • Zagazig Rights
  • Fayoum rights
  • Mansoura rights
  • House of Science Fayoum
  • House of sciences, Minya
  • Dar Al Uloom Aswan
  • Ras Al-Bar Al-Aali for qualitative studies, management information systems
  • Secretary at Ramses College in Cairo, female students
  • Tourism and hotels in Fayoum
  • Mansoura tourism and hotels
  • Minya tourism and hotels
  • Tourism and hotels in Beni Suef
  • Tourism and hotels in Helwan, Manial
  • Tourism and hotels of the Suez Canal in Ismailia
  • Tourism and hotels in Sadat City
  • Matrouh tourism and hotels
  • Luxor tourism and hotels
  • Sinai Aley tourism and Ras Sidr hotels
  • Damietta quality education
  • Sohag quality breeding
  • Quality Education, Educational Theater Division, Mansoura
  • Quality breeding Tanta
  • Breeding the quality of Ain Shams
  • Education quality art Alexandria
  • Education quality technical Zagazig
  • Fayoum artistic quality education
  • Quality art education, Cairo
  • Quality artistic education Mansoura
  • Quality artistic education in Mansoura, Minya El-Nasr
  • Quality artistic education in Mansoura, Mit Ghamr
  • Quality artistic education, Menoufia, Ashmoun
  • Quality artistic education Aswan
  • Education quality technical Assiut
  • Quality artistic education in Benha
  • Alexandria girls physical education
  • Physical Education, Zagazig Girls
  • Physical Education, Suez Girls
  • Physical education girls of Arish
  • Physical education Fayoum girls
  • Physical Education Mansoura Girls
  • Physical education for girls in Menoufia, Shebin El-Kom
  • Physical education for Minya girls
  • Physical Education New Valley Girls
  • Physical Education for Aswan Girls
  • Physical education girls Assiut
  • Minya etiquette
  • Assiut etiquette
  • Etiquette of Beni Suef
  • Southern Etiquette
  • Sohag etiquette
  • High Thebes Institute of Management of Banks and Capital Markets, Saqqara El Haram
  • Higher Institute, Cairo, translation, Administrative Sciences St., Mokattam
  • Kattameya management information systems

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