“Meteorology” resumes the activities of the cultural season today, with scientific lectures on climate change

Today, Tuesday, the Meteorological Authority will resume the annual cultural season organized by the Authority, entitled “Climate and Life”, at the Authority’s headquarters under the auspices of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which will be held from August 22 to October 24, 2023, and is scheduled to be held on Tuesday of every week.

The sessions of the second day of the cultural season on Tuesday, August 29, include the first lecture by Dr. Abd al-Rahman Ahmed Farouk, Zagazig University, entitled Participatory Transport and Climate Change, and a lecture by Dr. Nahed Muhammad Ismail of the Tedorbelhars Institute, entitled The Effect of Lining Water Channels as a Means of Water Management and Adaptation to Climate Change on Water-related Diseases, and a lecture Dr. Fathi El-Ashmawy, The General Authority of Meteorology, entitled Heat Waves in Egypt.

Objectives of the annual cultural season

The cultural season aims to achieve integration and permanent coordination with all entities and institutions of the Egyptian state, as well as discussing issues related to climate change and its impact on various sectors of the country, as well as achieving effective participation with meteorological facilities in all Arab countries.

The first day of the cultural season, last Tuesday, dealt with a lecture on the history of the General Authority of Meteorology, which was presented by Dr. Marwa Samy and Dr. Reham Rabie, researchers at the General Authority of Meteorology, and a lecture entitled Environmental Protection between Buildings and Cities, delivered by Dr. Heba Mahrous, a member of the Environment Committee of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.

The cultural season includes specialized scientific and technical lectures provided by the General Authority of Meteorology on a weekly basis through official accounts and electronic platforms, and from within the authority’s headquarters.

Participants in the cultural season

A group of university professors and specialists from various Arab countries will participate in the activities of the cultural season, highlighting the role of meteorology and its importance in life. It also aims to spread knowledge and scientific awareness about the importance of weather and climate and their impact on life.

Regarding the cultural season, the Meteorological Authority says: We look forward to this season being distinguished and providing the cultural scene with scientifically and technically rich information on various climate-related issues that affect our daily lives.

The cultural season comes under the coordination and supervision of Major General Hisham Tahoun, President of the General Meteorological Authority, and a working team from the authority that includes Dr. Zainab Salah Mahmoud, Dr. Reham Rabie Abdel-Ghani, Dr. Marwa Sami, Dr. Amani Hamdy, Dr. Sally Mahmoud, Dr. Randa Gharib, and Eng. Wafaa Abdel Aal.

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