Mid-September, the first Umrah trip in the new season. We publish prices

Amr Abdel Hamid, a member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, revealed that the first Umrah trips for the new season are expected to start in mid-September, which will coincide with the Prophet’s birthday, as many Egyptians want to perform Umrah trips during the Prophet’s birthday.

25 thousand pounds, the beginning of the prices for the Umrah trips of the Prophet’s birthday

Abdel Hamid added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Dustour”, that the prices of the first Umrah trips will start from 25 thousand pounds, for the economic and limited level, and prices rise whenever the services provided to pilgrims are increased.

Abdul Hameed pointed out that the tourism companies will begin, from today, Thursday, to document Umrah contracts between Egyptian tourism companies and their Saudi counterparts, through the Egyptian Portal for Umrah, explaining that after completing the procedures for documenting contracts and fulfilling all requests issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for the companies’ work on Umrah trips, The companies will enter the data of the pilgrims, the timings of their travel, the tourism program prepared for them, and the contracts concluded between the tourism company and the pilgrims, and the visa and the travel barcode for each pilgrims will be issued.

Abdel Hamid indicated that any company that will issue a visa outside its Saudi agent will not be issued a barcode, pointing out that the barcode is a prerequisite for completing his travel to the Holy Land.

That explained Any traveler for Umrah outside the Egyptian Gate for Umrah, his travel procedures are considered illegal, and his travel may be postponed until the completion of the procedures stipulated in the Gate Law, indicating that these procedures aim to preserve the rights of citizens and not expose them to any fraud that takes place through dealing with brokers, intermediaries and fictitious entities. .

Abdel Hamid explained that the controls issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for the new Umrah season did not differ much from the last season, which stipulated that the Chamber of Tourism Companies should hand over a bank guarantee check of one million nine hundred thousand pounds, accompanied by a signature validity stamp from the bank, and the company organizing the Umrah trips will pay a temporary insurance in the amount of One hundred thousand pounds in favor of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and it is paid by one of the means stipulated in the Law Regulating the Use of Non-Cash Payment Means promulgated by Law No. 18 of 2019.

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