“Military Production” is discussing ways to enhance joint cooperation with the German-Japanese DMG MORI

Engineer Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, received Rajiv Anand, CEO of the German-Japanese company “DMG MORI” and an accompanying delegation. This came at the headquarters of the Ministry of Military Production in the New Administrative Capital.

Minister “Mohammed Salah” started the meeting by welcoming the company’s delegation and congratulated Rajiv Anand on assuming the chairmanship of the company’s board of directors, pointing out that the aim of the meeting is to discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation frameworks in various fields of manufacturing, as the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of raising the efficiency of a number of machines In military production companies, in addition to examining the possibility of sharing to establish joint cooperation to produce iron castings for CNC machines in one of the subsidiaries, stressing the ministry’s interest in strengthening cooperation with the German-Japanese company in various fields, in order to achieve a strategic partnership that benefits both sides, especially in light of the cooperation relations. historically between the two countries.

Modern manufacturing technologies

The Minister of State for Military Production affirmed the ministry’s keenness to implement the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to transfer and localize modern manufacturing technologies and the techniques of the fourth industrial revolution in its subsidiaries in accordance with international quality standards, by being open to cooperation with various local and international private sector companies, especially in light of what it is going through. The world is undergoing current changes that necessitate relying on local capabilities, adding that the Ministry of Military Production is keen to ensure that cooperation with its partners in various fields is based on joint manufacturing and not only supply or assembly.

For his part, Rajeev Anand, Executive Director of the German-Japanese company “DMG MORI”, expressed his aspiration to cooperate with the Ministry of Military Production due to its companies’ technological, manufacturing, technical, research, human and distinguished infrastructure capabilities, in addition to its keenness to perform the tasks entrusted to it accurately and quickly, as well as its participation in Implementation of many national and development projects in the Egyptian state, and he invited technical delegations from Military Production to visit the affiliates of “DMG MORI” in Germany and Japan to see its capabilities and modern German manufacturing technologies.

Attractive factors for investment

Anand stressed that the Egyptian market is full of many potentials and elements that attract investment, and that DMG MORI considers Egypt the main interface for the African continent due to its strategic location and prestige, stressing the importance of investing in bilateral cooperation relations between Germany and Egypt on the one hand, and between Japan and Egypt on the other hand, which is witnessing A strong push in recent years under strong and wise political leadership in the three countries.

The media advisor to the Minister of State for Military Production and the ministry’s official spokesperson, Muhammad Eid Bakr, stated that “DMG MORI” is one of the largest manufacturers of cutting machines and tools in the world, adding that the Ministry of Military Production is concerned with everything related to industry, introducing modern technologies to its factories, expanding its range of products, and raising its quality and competitiveness. In the global markets and aims to contribute to the implementation of national and development projects in the country for the benefit of citizens and help in advancing the wheel of work forward by benefiting from the technical, technological and manufacturing expertise possessed by the bodies affiliated with the Ministry.

The meeting from Military Production was attended by Eng. Emile Helmy Elias, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Military Production Authority and Managing Director, Engineer Mohamed Sherine Mohamed, Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, Eng. International Cooperation Sector. The meeting was attended by Mr. Mahmoud Ali, Regional Director for Africa, and Mr. Stephen Borgov, Financial Director of the company, from DMG MORI.

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