Minister of Health: Providing ways to support the establishment of the African Medicines Agency “AMA”

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, affirmed that the Egyptian state will spare no effort in providing all means of support to move forward in establishing the African Medicines Agency (AMA) and achieving its goals in all African countries, pointing out that Egypt has witnessed in recent years radical changes in the development of the system. health sector, especially the medicine sector, as it is one of the most important pillars in the health sector.

This came in his speech during his participation, via videoconference, in the meeting of the Regional Committee for Africa, which was held today, Wednesday, with the aim of strengthening the regulatory capacity of the African continent through the establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA) (For the Africa We Want).

African cooperation

The minister pointed out the importance of strengthening cooperation between African countries to work on solving the various challenges facing African countries in the drug sector in order to reach the African continent that we want, stressing that the African Medicine Agency would enhance organizational cooperation between the continent’s member states to ensure the localization of local manufacturing of medicines. And the various vaccines in the African continent, as well as the unification of laws, legislation and the various regulatory capabilities of countries related to the circulation, registration and pricing of medicines between countries.

During his speech, the minister stressed the importance of strengthening human capacities and exchanging scientific expertise among member states, in order to ensure the creation of a strong regulatory system for the African Medicine Agency and to ensure the sustainability of continuous professional development, noting that training, upgrading and refining the skills of human cadres is important for the sustainability of the agency, and achieving its goals to serve the African people. And supplying them with medicines and vaccines, and achieving self-sufficiency from them.

During his speech, the minister added that enhancing transparency and facilitating the exchange of accurate and updated information and data and access to them regarding drug regulation and safety among member states is crucial to facilitating decision-making in accordance with scientific evidence, noting that the African Medicines Agency, in turn, promotes strong partnerships between member states, international organizations and society. Civilian, in a way that guarantees facing the various challenges and consolidating the agency’s work as a strong independent institution that enhances the safety of medicines and vaccines, achieves self-sufficiency and facilitates their access to all peoples.

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