Minister of Housing: The start of handing over the second batch of “Egypt Housing” units at the exhibition grounds in New Cairo on Sunday

Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, stated that the New Cairo City Development Authority will start next Sunday, corresponding to 9/3/2023, and until Wednesday, corresponding to 9/13/2023, in delivering the second batch of the Misr housing project with ” The Fairgrounds area – the first region, “Series No. 3, 4, 5, for the first stage, and Series No. 2, the following stages for the first stage, on specific dates, according to the announcer from the New Cairo City Authority.

Units delivery dates

Engineer Abdel Raouf Al-Ghaity, Head of the New Cairo City Development Agency, stated that Building Units No. 82 will be delivered on Sunday 3/9/2023, Building Units No. 83 on Monday 4/9/2023, and Building Units No. 84 on Tuesday 5/5. 9/2023, and Building Units No. 85, on Wednesday 9/6/2023, and Building Units No. 86, on Thursday 9/7/2023.

The head of the New Cairo City Authority added that Building Units No. 87 will be delivered on Sunday 9/10/2023, Building Units No. 88 on Monday 9/11/2023, Building Units No. 89 on Tuesday 9/12/2023, and Building Units No. Building No. 90, on Wednesday 9/13/2023.

The head of the New Cairo City Authority indicated that the customer who won the unit should go to the Housing and Development Bank, Nasr City Branch (2 Abbas Al-Akkad Street), in order to finish the contracting procedures, and then go with the bank’s letter to the Citizens Service Office at the agency’s headquarters in the city center behind the water station in the southern ninetieth, and with him A copy of the signed checks, in order to record the data on the network and receive a letter to the site to inspect and receive the unit.

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