Minister of Housing: We are keen on facilitating the citizens and accelerating the rates of development of new cities

The Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority, in its meeting chaired by Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, agreed to grant a package of facilities and controls for small residential plots of land allocated to individuals (villas – buildings) in the new cities, as the Minister of Housing confirmed that this is within the framework of keenness The Authority’s interest in facilitating citizens, enabling them to build their own homes, and accelerating the rates of development of new cities.

The Minister of Housing indicated that the approval of the Board of Directors of the Authority included several items, the first of which is related to the controls of proving seriousness, where the implementation of a ground floor (as a minimum), the completion of the finishing of the implemented external facades, the implementation of the walls surrounding the plot, and its finishing internally and externally, are considered proof of the seriousness of that plot and implementation For the building, (without claiming a fee for a period upon completion of the works determined for the plot of land), provided that the final utilities for the ground floor and all floors are not entered unless the finishing of the external facades, courtyards and common parts of those floors is completed, and in accordance with the provisions of the Building Law promulgated by Law No. 119 of 2008 and its executive regulations and their amendments , and according to the rules.

Pay all financial dues

The minister added: The text of the second clause, with the approval of the Board of Directors, states that customers who had previously allocated two or more plots of land at the applicable prices for residential activity, and they were annexed, and they proved seriousness on a piece of it (as stated in the first clause), and the rest of the plots remained a garden – they are allowed to complete Construction work (building ratio – floors) in accordance with the original requirements, provided that the final building is a single building, and re-separation of the guaranteed plots is not allowed, while the third clause stipulates that a grace period of 6 months be granted for all small residential lands “and their allocation has not been revoked” (villas – buildings ) in the new cities, to prove seriousness (as stated in the first clause) and with the following conditions: payment of all financial dues (the price of the land – allowances – violations – ……), and the waiver of all lawsuits, and this deadline applies from the date of the announcement in the official newspapers, It does not apply to vacant plots of land or those recovered from the city’s authority, social housing lands, and lands that benefited from the grace period for free at a rate of 20% of the original period, issued by the Authority’s Board of Directors Decision No. 178 dated 3/9/2023.

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar explained that the fourth item of the facilitation approved by the Authority’s Board of Directors is concerned with lands whose allocation was canceled due to lack of proof of seriousness, and they were not re-offered, so that they are re-dealed as follows: If the executive position of the plot of land on the date of cancellation of the allocation is a ground floor ( Concrete structure) as a minimum, and this is verified by a photo inspection (Google Earth), the customer is given a period of 6 months in exchange for a sum of 10% of the current price of the land, after presenting it to the pricing committee, (since the plot was given a period A period of 5 years as a grace period with consideration when paying the full current price, so the percentage of 6 months will be: 5 years, 10%, from the date of notifying the customer of re-dealing to prove seriousness with the land, (as stated in the first item on the rules for proving seriousness), and in the case of proving seriousness as It was stated in the first item, (but with the client completing the implementation and finishing after the date of cancellation of the allocation), then a fee of 10% of the current price of the land will be paid after presenting it to the committee concerned with pricing, and the client submits a legal declaration approving the re-dealing by paying a deadline in return, according to the conditions described, and waiver For all lawsuits.

The Minister of Housing said: These facilitations and controls will be announced in the official gazettes, the headquarters of the new cities’ agencies, the headquarters of the New Urban Communities Authority, and the authority’s website. The necessary procedures are in accordance with the rules in force in the authority, and customers who have not proven seriousness are notified to apply within a month from the date of their notification to purchase a period of time to prove seriousness for a fee, and according to the formula contained in the authority’s Board of Directors Decision No. 84 dated 5/6/2015 (for small residential plots of land In the event of not applying for the purchase of the period, the applicable rules of the Authority shall be applied.

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