Minister of Irrigation: Implementation of several major projects in the field of water resources to achieve comprehensive development in Sinai

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a meeting to follow up the position of implementing presidential assignments with regard to the development and reconstruction of Sinai, and the executive position of the projects of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in the Sinai Peninsula.

Dr. Swailem stated that the ministry is participating in achieving comprehensive development in the Sinai Peninsula through several major projects in the field of water resources, as the Bahr Al-Baqar Drainage water treatment plant, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records, has been implemented as the largest water treatment plant in the world. 60 million m3/day, which includes (4) units with a disposal of 1.40 million m3/day/unit. Two lanes are being implemented to transfer water from the treatment plant, and a project has been implemented to treat the water of al-Mahasama drain with a capacity of 1.00 million m3/day. .

During the meeting, Dr. Sweilem reviewed the executive position of the North Sinai development project, as he quickly directed the work carried out with the sockets and the procedures for connecting electricity to the sockets.

Dr. Swailem also directed that the groundwater sector coordinate with the Groundwater Research Institute and Cairo University to complete studies on the potential of underground reservoirs in North Sinai.

In terms of protection from torrential hazards, Dr. Swailem stated that many protection works from torrential hazards have been and are being implemented in the governorates of North and South Sinai.

Harvesting rainwater and collecting it in artificial lakes

He pointed to the great importance that these actions represent in protecting citizens, Bedouin cities and villages, strategic installations, roads, towers, power lines and gas lines from the dangers of torrential rain, in addition to harvesting rainwater and collecting it in artificial lakes in front of protection dams for use by Bedouin communities in the surrounding areas, and providing stability to Bedouin communities as a result. Underground well feeding.

The meeting was held in the presence of Mr. Eng. Mohamed Saleh, Head of the Irrigation Authority, Mr. Eng. Mohamed Abu Al-Saud, Head of the North Sinai Development Sector, Mr. Dr. Osama Al-Zaher, Head of the Groundwater Sector, Mr. Eng. Walid Haqiqi, Head of Planning Sector, and Ms. Prof. Dr. / Manal Abdel Moneim, Director of the Groundwater Research Institute, and Mr. Eng. / Salah Shehata, Head of the Central Groundwater Administration in Sinai, and Mr. Eng. / Amr El-Safoury, Director of the Technical Office of the Head of the North Sinai Sector, and Mr. Eng. / Mohamed Omar Makram, Assistant Minister for Major Projects, And Mrs. Dr. Heba Abdelaziz in the technical office of the Minister, and Mr. Eng. Ahmed Abdelaziz in the technical office of the Minister.

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