Minister of Labor: “Be prepared” aims to implement 665 vocational training courses in 2024

Dr. Hassan Shehata, Minister of Labor, said that the Be Prepared Forum is a practical guide to integration and communication between ministries, in all joint files. With the aim of achieving the desired goal, especially developing youth skills and qualifying them for the labor market, indicating that the Ministry of Labor has partnerships and continuous cooperation with international organizations and institutions and through them programs are being implemented to strengthen labor relations with both parties to the production process, vocational training for employment, the national strategy for employment, and platforms The labor market, and projects to develop the skills of young people, on the professions needed by the labor market at home and abroad, and educating our youth about their rights and duties.

Implementation of 665 vocational training courses during the year 2023/2024

The Minister of Labor indicated, during his speech, at the employment forum held today, Saturday, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, that the forum translates the state’s policies and services for youth; In order to be prepared for the new labor market and current and future professions, pointing out that it aims to implement 665 vocational training courses, during the year 2023/2024 within the framework of the presidential initiative “A decent life” and the “Your profession is your future” initiative, directing students to benefit from the free training and rehabilitation services that are provided. In order for them to be prepared for the needs and requirements of the labor market, stressing that the great support that is directed to young people comes in implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, by developing the skills and capabilities of young people to be qualified to join the labor market.

Mr. Gareth Bailey, British Ambassador to Egypt, said: “I am proud of the impressive efforts emanating from the Be Prepared Forum, which is part of the UK-funded Higher Education Career Counseling for Employment programme,” noting that the Be Prepared initiative symbolizes matching the aspirations of young people. And job opportunities by linking the graduates of the initiative with employers, as this initiative is a testament to the power of investing in developing skills and building strong cooperation with the private sector, pointing out that this proactive step not only leads to changing the lives of individuals, but also supports the Egyptian economy, what It reflects the permanent partnership between the two countries and the continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Eric Ochlan, Director of the International Labor Organization office in Cairo, expressed his happiness at being present at the Employment Forum, praising the current cooperation that aims to qualify graduates and provide them with skills and knowledge to be able to compete in the contemporary and future labor market, as well as bridging the distances between graduates and various companies and providing suitable job opportunities for them. Stressing the importance of the continued role of universities in developing study programs to reduce the gap between study programs and the requirements of the labor market.

capabilities of youth cadres

Dr. Ayman Farid, Assistant Minister for Strategic Planning, Training and Qualification for the Labor Market, indicated that the Ministry of Higher Education has made a great effort since the launch of the national strategy for higher education and scientific research to qualify young people to be able to join the local, regional and international labor market, stressing that the Egyptian government with all its concerned institutions is seeking To build the capabilities of youth cadres in order to develop the society and the national economy at the present time and in the future.

The attendees listened to a number of students who benefited from the various workshops that were implemented, which contributed to improving their skills and abilities. They expressed their happiness at participating in the “Be Prepared” initiative and urged their colleagues to take advantage of this initiative to hone their experiences in order to be ready to meet the labor market.

The forum includes a number of panel discussions with the participation of elite officials from various industries to shed light on topics related to employment, including: career opportunities in the banking sector, the transition from university life to working life, the impact of artificial intelligence on your career, in addition to facing pressures in your professional life. Get acquainted with the recruitment officials in the field of human resources.

The forum will also include a number of workshops for career guidance, CV writing, and personal interview skills, in addition to allocating a number of pavilions for employers. To display their vacant employment opportunities, to facilitate communication between employers, students and graduates looking for work.

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