Minister of Supply: 37 billion pounds, the value of subsidized commodities annually, and offering 31 items on the cards

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade began disbursing commodities in September 2023, as the 40,000 outlets nationwide witnessed a great turnout from the 64 million citizens registered on about 22 million cards, at the outlets for the exchange of subsidized commodities, where 31 items are provided, as The annual value of food commodities amounts to 37 billion pounds.

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With the start of disbursement of ration courses, we publish the list of commodity prices for the month of September 2023

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that all basic commodities are available in large stocks of more than 6 months, pointing to the ministry’s continued efforts to secure strategic reserves to meet citizens’ needs, whether of subsidized or free items, as well as conducting daily campaigns at the outlets. To ensure the availability of goods.

For his part, Mohie Ismail, Director of the Supply Control Department at the Giza Supply Directorate, confirmed the regularity of disbursing food supplies at all outlets belonging to the Ministry of Supply at the level of the Republic, pointing out that the outlets operate from 9 am to 9 pm throughout the week.

Ali pointed out to me that there is no shortage of any type of basic commodities, especially since the state is working to secure these reserves by establishing strategic warehouses, to improve the commodity circulation process, which maintains food security at reassuring rates.

2500 food outlets in Giza

During a tour of the supply outlets in Giza Governorate, with the participation of the Media Center of the Ministry of Supply, Ismail explained that the Giza Governorate has 2,500 supply outlets, including 61 consumer complexes, 911 grocery supply stores, and 850 associations, which will witness the opening of a number of new outlets, including in the villages of Hayat Karimah in Al Saf and Atfih, in addition to To 2025 subsidized bakeries at the governorate level, producing about 21 million loaves per day.

Ismail pointed out that the ministry has tightened control measures at the level of all governorates, as daily campaigns are launched on outlets and markets to prevent harmful practices to consumers and ensure the availability of goods, and not to manipulate prices.

He called on the citizens to report any violations that are monitored in order to work on resolving them quickly, especially since the citizen is a partner with the ministry.

For his part, Hisham El-Degwi, Head of the Foodstuffs Division in Giza, said that all outlets disbursed 25% of the commodity bond to merchants on the 25th of last month. The beginning of the new month

He pointed out that the prices are fixed without change, and that the merchant can spend the rest of the replacement and his commodity link immediately after the completion of the delivery of the first replacement, stressing that the proportions of disbursement of ration commodities reach 60% during the first 5 days of the month, which confirms the availability of goods.

While Adel Al-Sayed, a member of the Grocery Division at the Giza Chamber of Commerce, said that the 1,500 stores of commodities at the level of the Republic have delivered all outlets at the level of the Republic in full, according to the connection of each merchant.

Food commodities prices for the month of September 2023

The Ministry confirmed the stability of September 2023 commodity prices, as follows:

1- Packed sugar 1 kg, at 12.60 pounds.
2 – Mixed oil 800 ml, at a price of 30 pounds.
3- Packed rice, 1 kg, at 12.60 pounds.
4- 800 gm pasta, at 13 pounds.
5- 400 gm pasta, at 6.50 pounds.
6- Crushed lentils, 500 gm, at 21 pounds.
7- Packed beans 500 gm at 9 pounds.
8- Flour packed in paper or plastic, 1 kg, at 11 pounds.
9- 800 gm of artificial entertainment, at 36 pounds.
10- Soft tea, 40 gm, at a price of 5 pounds.
11- Sauce 300 gm at 8 pounds.
12- Shredded tuna, weighing 140 grams, at 18 pounds.
13- Jam, 350 grams, at 16 pounds.
14- Tetra Pak cheese 250 gm, priced at 14 pounds.
15- Tetra Pak cheese 125 gm, priced at 7 pounds.
16- Automatic powder, 800 kg, at 25 pounds.
17- Regular, manual powder, 800 gm, at 16 pounds.
18- Laundry soap 125 gm at 3 pounds.
19- Toilet soap 125 gm at 7.50 pounds.
20- Dry milk 125 gm at 25.50 pounds.
21- Vinegar 5% 900 ml, at a price of 6 pounds.
22- A bag of table salt, 300 gm, at 1.25 pounds.
23- A plain halva bar, 40 gm, at a price of 3 pounds.
24- A bag of dishwashing liquid, 80 gm, at a price of 3 pounds.
25- Plain Yoyos biscuits, priced at 1.5 pounds.
26- Yoyos biscuits and wafers, priced at 2.75 pounds.
27- Tomorrow’s Biscuits, 3.75 pounds each.
28- Boo Biscuits, 3.75 pounds.
29- A white tahini envelope, 140 grams, at 2.50 pounds.
30- Instant coffee, 18 gm, at 4 pounds.
31- A box of chicken stock, 8 cubes, at 6 pounds.

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