Minister of Water Resources: The International Water Institute in Stockholm is a strategic partner

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, met with Karen Jardis, Executive Director of the International Water Institute (SIWI) in Stockholm.

Dr. Swailem praised the existing cooperation between the Ministry and the International Water Institute in Stockholm, which is a strategic partner of the Ministry in the field of water resources management. This close cooperation was clearly demonstrated in many important international events such as the Cairo Water Week, the water pavilion at the COP27 climate conference, and the current cooperation in preparation. For the water pavilion at the upcoming COP28 climate conference.

The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation stressed the importance of the institute’s support for the “Aware Adaptation with the Water Sector” initiative, which was launched by Egypt during the last climate conference, which deals with water and climate challenges at the global level, giving priority to African countries, while inviting the institute to attend the first meeting of the steering committee of the initiative and the decision. Held within the activities of the Sixth Cairo Water Week.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has been keen to hold Cairo Water Week since 2018 until now, and this comes within the framework of the state’s great interest in the issue of water, and placing it at the top of the priorities of the political agenda as one of the most important requirements of sustainable social and economic development, and as a culmination of Egypt’s pioneering regional role. Whether in the Arab or African region.

Cairo Water Week has become an international platform for dialogue, as the week’s activities include holding many high-level meetings, regional workshops and technical sessions, presentations and participations from prominent international speakers, and scientific research from experts, professors, students, university graduates and school students. An exhibition will also be held on the sidelines of the week. Modern irrigation technology, smart irrigation, water reuse methods and water treatment techniques. Cairo Water Week also witnesses the holding of a number of competitions during the event.

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