Ministers Information: Egypt ranks 34th globally in the Child Rights Index in 2023

The Information and Decision Support Center at the Council of Ministers showed that Egypt advanced 4 places in the Child Rights Index issued in 2023 by the “kidsrights” institution, and it ranked 34th among 193 countries in 2023, compared to 38th place out of 185 countries in 2022. Fourth place in the Arab world in 2023.

This came within the framework of the Information Center’s interest in monitoring and analyzing everything related to global economic and social reports and indicators that concern or deal with Egyptian affairs.

The Center stated that this annual global index is the only one that ranks countries according to their commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), and aims to stimulate compliance with children’s rights all over the world, based on 5 sub-indicators: “the right to life” and “the right to life.” The right to health”, the “right to education”, the “right to protection”, and the “enabling environment for children’s rights”.

Sweden ranked first in the world, followed by Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Germany, while Chad, South Sudan, and Afghanistan ranked last, respectively.

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