Ministry of Interior: legal action against those who spread rumors about night gatherings

A security source denied the authenticity of the video clip, which was circulated on one of the pages affiliated with the terrorist Brotherhood on social media, regarding the existence of night gatherings in one of the governorates.

The source emphasized that this clip is old and has been circulated for several years, and this comes within the framework of the terrorist group’s desperate attempts to create confusion and suggest to citizens that there are supporters for their inciting calls after they have lost their credibility among public opinion… and that all legal measures will be taken against those who spread these rumors.

The source confirmed that the allegations of a number of members of the “Muslim Brotherhood” that there are gatherings in some of the country’s governorates are not true. He pointed out that what is being circulated is the publication of some old photos and videos, in an attempt to deceive citizens, after the terrorist group failed in its incitement calls, stressing: “The calm situation and complete stability in all governorates, which proves the state of bankruptcy that the terrorist group suffers from, and the absence of influence on the street.

The source stressed that legal measures will be taken against the promoters of these allegations.

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