Ministry of Labor: 175.4 million pounds for vocational training plans since 2003

The Ministry of Labor plays an important role in the field of vocational training, and linking it to the needs of the labor market, as it works to develop the skills of young people of both sexes, and qualify them for the labor market with the variables it is exposed to, as the state provides services to young people in order to be ready for the new labor market and current and future professions.

Ministry of Labor plan for vocational training file

The Ministry of Labor has developed its new training plan for the year 2023/2024, as it aims to implement 655 vocational training courses, through 75 fixed and mobile training centers owned by the Ministry and spread across the governorates of Egypt.

During its plan for the last training year 2022/2023, the ministry implemented about 502 training courses, through which it graduated thousands of young people qualified to work in 16 professions required for the current labor market.

Launching 9 mobile training units

The Ministry is preparing, during the next few days, to launch 9 new mobile training units, as part of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life” and the “Your Career is Your Future” initiative.

175.4 million pounds for vocational training plans since 2003

The vocational training plans implemented by the Ministry of Labor, including the provision of fixed and mobile training units, are financed from the state’s general budget, then the Ministry’s Training and Rehabilitation Fund, which has spent 175,421,000 Egyptian pounds since its establishment in 2003 on the training and qualification system.

75 fixed and mobile training centers

The number of fixed and mobile training units and centers, spread throughout the country so far, is 75, including 38 fixed centers, 10 fixed training units, and 27 mobile training units.

Ways to join training courses

The duration of training in one training course ranges from 60 to 200 training hours, according to each profession, and young people can join these training courses by going to the headquarters of the labor directorates in the governorates, and the headquarters of vocational training centers located on the official website of the Ministry of Labor, where they are registered in the training courses, and then Registrants will be contacted prior to the start of the courses.

Conditions for joining training courses

The Ministry of Labor requires the applicant to obtain the training courses to be between the ages of 18 and 45, and to have a proficiency in reading and writing as a minimum, with a vocational guidance test to determine the appropriate profession for physical and mental abilities.

Certificates approved by the Labor Directorate

During the training period, the trainees receive insurance against injuries. The trainee also receives written tools, clothing, protective and sterilization tools, and after passing the practical and theoretical tests at the end of the course, he obtains a certificate of completion approved by the Labor Directorate. The outstanding students receive prizes that qualify them to establish small projects.

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