Ministry of Labor: A symposium to raise awareness of the value of self-employment and small projects

The Ministry of Labor, through the Directorate of Labor in the Menoufia Governorate, announced the organization of an awareness seminar on the culture of self-employment and small projects, at the Faculty of Arts, Menoufia University, for students as part of a series of awareness seminars that it is conducting on campus in light of the joint cooperation protocol with the university, to serve the largest segment From young people, in the presence of the dean of the college and a group of university professors responsible for departments, and in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Labor Hassan Shehata to pay attention to educating young people and encouraging them to self-employment and small projects, and the importance of this in achieving sustainable development and Egypt’s vision 2030.

Saad Abdel Hamid, director of the Labor Directorate in Menoufia, explained in a report to the ministry that he sent a message to university youth in which he said: The ministry launched a national and media campaign to consolidate the culture of self-employment and improve the mental image of the value of work, and that we are working in full swing with development partners to complete the stages of the “national strategy.” for employment” and strengthening work relations and emphasizing the importance of work, stressing the important role of youth at this stage and the necessity and importance of media in supporting development and educating youth and society and the participation of all state agencies in this, explaining that the Egyptian state is keen on the presence of youth and everyone to build the country and keep pace with the times, and that In turn, he participates in building the new republic.

The Director of the Directorate added that the Ministry of Labor has undertaken many initiatives and activities that serve both sides of the production process, “business owners and workers”, in order to increase productivity in order to meet all current challenges, and that the Directorate is ready to receive all young people from the province, as well as training centers that provide training programs. It is free for them to qualify them for the labor market in order to advance their future, provide suitable job opportunities and bridge the gap between education and the requirements of the labor market, and also works to encourage young people to self-employment and small projects.

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