Now.. the dates and locations of “Ahlan Madras” exhibitions in all governorates

With schools approaching, parents and students were keen to know the date and locations of Ahlan Madrasah exhibitions in all governorates via Google, in conjunction with the start of the new academic year 2023-2024 at the end of next September, for all educational levels from kindergarten to university.

Date and places of exhibitions Welcome schools in all provinces

In these coming lines, Al-Dustour reviews the date and venues for Ahlan Schools exhibitions in all governorates.

Citizens are interested in following up on the opening date of the annual Ahlan Schools exhibition, in order to purchase various educational supplies, including stationery and supplies, and that is in addition to school uniforms, especially since the state will remain keen to reduce all financial burdens on citizens, and this will be through offering products at reduced prices. Whether food commodities or various school supplies, discounts will reach about 50% on all commodities.

The date for the start of Ahlan Schools exhibitions in all governorates

Ahlan Schools exhibitions will start in all governorates at the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024 and will be at the end of next September, in all educational stages, starting from kindergarten to university.

Exhibition venues Ahlan Schools in Greater Cairo

The main exhibition for Ahlan Madares is located inside the Enterprise Development Agency building in Nasr City, and a number of branches will spread in the main squares in the governorate.

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Places exhibitions Welcome schools in the provinces

  • Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate: District 47 Building in Kafr El-Sheikh City.
  • Qalyubia Governorate: The place is Benha, Farid Nada Street, Al-Ahram.
  • Qalyubia: Shubra El-Kheima, Foundation Square.
  • Beni Suef: Behind the Green Salon in Beni Suef.
  • Sohag Governorate: Nasir City, East Sohag District.
  • Luxor: The urban market in the Abu Al-Joud area, in the center of Luxor
  • Luxor: Al-Bahr Street in the city center of Esna
  • Luxor Governorate: In front of the railway station in Luxor city center.
  • Matrouh: Hammam – El Alamein.
  • Matrouh: Sidi Barani – Al-Nagila.
  • Red Sea Governorate: Al-Nasr Street, downtown Hurghada.
  • Al-Buhaira Governorate: It includes 42 exhibitions located in the main squares and inside the villages in the cities of Kafr Al-Dora – Damanhour – Itay Al-Baroud – Abu Homs.
  • New Valley: Al-Nabawy Al-Mohandes Street, Kharga
  • New Valley Governorate: Hospital Square in Dakhla.

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