Officially.. The opening date for the coordination of Al-Azhar Secondary School 2023, the first stage

The countdown has begun to open the door to coordinating the Al-Azhar Secondary School 2023 via Google, to choose the path of their university studies, and to enroll in the university, which occupied the minds of students and parents to know the date of registration of desires this year, and the Coordination Department of the General Administration of Education Affairs at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif University announced the admission coordination schedule in colleges and institutes in the academic year 2023-2024.

The opening date of Al-Azhar secondary school coordination 2023

“Al-Dustour” reviews the date of opening the Al-Azhar secondary school coordination 2023, and the admission rates in some colleges and majors.

Al-Azhar University, through the electronic coordination website, which will be affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt, provides the opportunity to register for students who have Al-Azhar secondary certificates, and students will be able to submit their wishes through this site through hereAnd that will be based on the coordination of the previous years and high school in order to determine admission to the university.

Al-Azhar University coordination date for the first stage 2023

The “Coordination Department has informed the university advisor for electronic coordination” to open the coordination office for admission in the academic year 2023-2024, starting on August 26, 2023, to receive new male and female students who obtained the Al-Azhar secondary certificate for the year 2023.

The process of registering desires at Al-Azhar University, the first phase, begins on August 20, 2023, and will continue for an approximate period of two weeks.

Al-Azhar secondary school result 2023, first round

The result of Al-Azhar’s secondary school was announced in the first round on July 27, and it was approved by the agent of Al-Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Al-Dwaini, on behalf of the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Dwaini confirmed that the general success rate for Al-Azhar secondary school exams for the first round this year amounted to 52.38%, as the success rate in the literary section reached 46.63%, and in the scientific section it reached 59.34%.

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Indicators of college coordination at Al-Azhar University 2023

Al-Azhar University in Egypt provided some figures related to acceptance rates for some faculties and majors:

  • In (College of Medicine for Boys and Girls in Cairo), the acceptance rate is 95% and the required score is 620 degrees.
  • In (College of Engineering for Boys in Qena), the acceptance rate is 89% and the required score is 579.
  • In (Faculty of Dentistry Boys and Girls in Damietta), the acceptance rate was 94.38%.
  • In (Faculty of Medicine, Boys and Girls, Assiut), the acceptance rate is 93.77%.
  • In (College of Pharmacy for Boys and Girls in Cairo), the acceptance rate was 92.38%.
  • In (College of Dentistry, Boys and Girls), the acceptance rate is 93.62%.
  • In (College of Engineering, Boys and Girls in Cairo), the acceptance rate is 89.92%.
  • In (College of Science in Cairo, general specialty), the acceptance rate is 81%.

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