Opening of 40 new departments and 12 diabetes centers in health insurance hospitals

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the opening of 40 new departments in hospitals affiliated to the General Authority for Health Insurance, during the first half of this year 2023, as part of the authority’s strategic plan for the current year, in a way that guarantees the expansion of providing health services to all citizens.

Expansion of medical services

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the authority’s strategic plan aims to (expand and develop medical services, update treatment protocols, achieve excellence in presidential initiatives, develop infrastructure for projects in accordance with accreditation and quality standards, invest in the human element and prepare distinguished medical and administrative cadres, Developing the information infrastructure and activating the role of oversight and governance.

Abdul Ghaffar added that sections (CT scans of the heart arteries, dental operations under general anesthesia for children and people with disabilities, shoulder joint operations, maxillofacial surgery, cerebral catheterization, cardiac catheterization, tumor surgeries, peripheral catheterization, interventional radiology, and corneal transplant unit) were opened. , biological injection units, dialysis service in intensive care units, open heart, development of spine surgeries and brain and nerve operations) with 40 departments and units in hospitals affiliated to the General Authority for Health Insurance in the governorates.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Dahi, Chairman of the General Authority for Health Insurance, stated that it is scheduled to open 70 other new departments and units in the Authority’s hospitals by the end of the current year 2023, as part of the Authority’s strategic plan to expand the provision of health services to citizens.

Dahi pointed out that 12 model sugar centers have been opened, bringing the total number of centers to 72 centers, with an achievement rate of 80% of the plan’s target, as it is scheduled to open 15 model centers by the end of this year, in addition to an increase of 15 new specialized committees, bringing the total to 435 committees. Committees (rheumatism, blood diseases, heart diseases, tumors, enteropathy, breast tumors, cerebral catheterization, multiple sclerosis, children’s heart, women’s health, liver diseases, lucents), referring to the increase in external contracts to expand the provision of medical services by 519 new contracts ( Lithotripsy using laser, shock waves, extraction of kidney stones using a flexible endoscope, injection of smart granules into blood vessels via catheters, pain therapy with thermal frequency, stent placement between the inferior vena cava and the portal vein).

Dahi also indicated an increase in the number of intensive care beds by 88 new beds, out of the 148 beds targeted to be increased, in addition to an increase of 90 new evening clinics in the hospitals affiliated with the authority, with an increase of 75%, as it is intended to increase 120 new clinics, as part of the plan. The Authority’s strategy during the current year 2023, explaining that the frequency of evening clinics reached one million and 900 thousand cases within 6 months.

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