“Organization and Administration” starts receiving applications for vacancies in the Ministry of Communications

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration announced – through the government jobs portal – the offering of vacant leadership positions at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in the specializations of Director General of the General Administration of Administrative Affairs and Director General of the General Administration of Technical Assistance.

The announced jobs are concerned with the implementation of administrative activities related to public services, means of transportation, institutional memory, and safety of the Ministry’s buildings to achieve a decent level of cleanliness and general appearance, adding aesthetic touches to the workplace, and providing conference equipment, data center devices, and light current devices in committees, conferences, and meetings, according to the required specifications and actual needs.

Conditions for applying for jobs

The application for these jobs starts from 08/29/2023 until 10/01/2023, provided that a number of basic skills are available, including: the ability to lead, direct, develop plans and programs, follow up on their implementation, and pass the necessary training in light of the provisions of the law and its executive regulations, in addition to the judiciary An interim period of at least (one year) in a job of the first immediately lower job level (A) or spending a total period of at least (17 years) consistent with the nature of the work of the job, and obtaining a high qualification compatible with the type and nature of the work.

Required Documents

The announced job applications shall be accompanied by the following documents: 1- An approved employment status statement, including job history, scientific and practical capabilities, leadership skills, and any other data of the applicant supported by documents indicating that:

2- The national ID card.

3- Six (6) personal photos, 4×6 in size.

4- A statement of the applicant’s achievements and contributions to the unit in which he was working.

5- A proposal to develop the unit or one of its main activities to improve its performance and develop its systems according to the form contained in the decision of the Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform No. (95) of 2017. A copy of the proposal is attached on a CD.

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