Planning and the “Decent Life” Foundation discuss mechanisms for activating the role of civil society in the “Green Village” initiative

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, represented by Dr. Jamil Helmy, Assistant Minister for Follow-up Affairs of the Sustainable Development Plan, held a workshop via videoconference technology, with Ohoud Wafi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for a Decent Life, and Muhammad Siddiq, Director of the Engineering Sector in the Foundation, to discuss mechanisms for activating the role of The Foundation is part of the “Green Village” initiative, within the national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside, “A Decent Life”.

Dr. Jamil Helmy stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation with all success partners from civil society organizations and private sector institutions, to benefit from their expertise in the field of integrating the environmental dimension in the “Decent Life” project, noting that the “Green Village” initiative reflects the interest that the state attaches to greening Investments directed to “decent life” projects, pointing out that these investments represent 30% of the total investments directed to the presidential initiative projects.

Helmy reviewed the objectives of the “Green Village” initiative, which aims to rehabilitate “decent life” villages to comply with international environmental standards, and obtain “rationalization” certificates for green rural communities, indicating that it is intended to rehabilitate 19 villages in rural governorates, and complete the village model. Fares in Aswan Governorate, which is the first green village in the country to obtain a “Tarsheed” certificate, appreciating the cooperation with the “Decent Life” Foundation, the “e-consult” company for engineering and environmental consulting, and the Egyptian Green Building Association in this regard.

Spreading awareness among citizens of the importance of environmental sustainability

Helmy stressed the importance of achieving integration between all the efforts made by the relevant parties, pointing out that “a decent life” is the largest and largest development project that the Egyptian state is witnessing in the modern era, in the implementation of which all governmental and private agencies and civil society participate, warning of the necessity Spreading awareness among citizens of the importance of environmental sustainability and preserving materials and making good use of them, in a way that contributes to the localization of sustainable development goals at the village level.

The Assistant Minister of Planning explained that the “decent life” projects greatly help villages to obtain a “tarsheed” certificate, reviewing models of environmentally friendly green interventions, including the rehabilitation and lining of canals, paving roads, applying modern irrigation systems, organic agriculture, waste treatment, and lighting streets and roads with energy-saving lamps. Energy, pointing out that green projects contribute to providing job opportunities for citizens in villages.

Helmy also reviewed the most important developmental interventions that can benefit from the expertise of civil society, including afforestation, provision of waste treatment units, compost, biogas units, and solar energy panels, as well as organizing seminars and seminars to spread environmental awareness among the villagers, noting that the delegation The Ministry of Planning continues its field visits to the villages nominated by the governorates to obtain a “Tarsheed” certificate to follow up on the availability of the standards set by the World Green Building Council, in cooperation with the “e-consult” company.

For her part, Ohoud Wafi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for a Decent Life, praised the “Green Village” initiative and its role in achieving environmental sustainability in the Egyptian countryside, appreciating the continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Planning in this regard, and expressing the Foundation’s willingness to contribute to the implementation of green projects in the targeted villages. .

Participated in the workshop from the Ministry of Planning, the team of a decent life unit, which includes: Ahmed Al-Shimi, Muhammad Sharif Al-Hali, Ahmed Reda, and Omar Metwally.

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