“Preparing Leaders” organizes a self-workshop to enhance the role of young people in society

A self-workshop was held to discuss the strategy of strengthening the role of youth and youth in society, as part of the activities of the first forum for student youth leaders, to build awareness of the national strategy for youth and youth, under the slogan “The Noble Leader”, which was organized by the Leadership Development Institute, in cooperation and partnership with the Central Administration for Civil Education. Under the auspices of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and chaired by Dr. Karim Hammam, Director of the Leadership Development Institute, Dr. Abdullah Al-Batsh, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, Professor Iman Abdel Jaber, Undersecretary, and Dr. Muhammad Ghoneim, Director General of Civil Education and Rehabilitation Youth cadres, in coordination with the Policy and Business Development Unit, and with the support and cooperation of the two ministries.

At the beginning of the workshop, the students were introduced to the axes of the strategy, namely: “Governance of the youth sector, digitization and youth statistics. This axis aims to enhance the efficiency of the governance of the youth sector (the National Council for Youth – Youth Bodies) through legislation, statistics and digital transformation, the development and establishment of an infrastructure of facilities Youth is characterized by integrity and quality.

Raising the level of physical fitness

Among the axes is youth, health, physical fitness and exercise, and aims to enhance the lifestyle by raising the level of physical fitness and regular exercise, stimulating youth participation in competition and sports leadership locally, regionally and internationally, promoting public and psychological health and dietary patterns for young people, preventing diseases and practices harmful to health and violence. .

There is the youth, life, future and technological skills axis, which aims to enhance youth’s empowerment of future skills and innovation and stimulate digital inclusion in a constructive and safe manner. To them, it works to develop their talents and fulfill their desires and needs.

As well as the axis of youth, participation in the economy and entrepreneurship, and aims to stimulate a climate supportive of youth participation in the national economy, by developing the environment of youth entrepreneurship and stimulating the creation of decent job opportunities for them, spreading the culture of self-employment and increasing knowledge and education about the concept of financial inclusion and the importance of financial and savings culture among Young.

And the axis of youth, volunteer work, community development and environmental preservation, and aims to stimulate volunteer work for youth and positive youth participation in community development and environmental preservation, as well as the axis of youth, citizenship and political and international participation, and aims to enhance belonging to the Egyptian identity, and promote the concepts and values ​​of citizenship, tolerance and acceptance of the other among young people In addition to stimulating positive youth participation in political action and official international participation.

In addition to the axis of youth and basic requirements for living, which aims to coordinate official efforts to provide a decent social life for young people by providing basic and living requirements.

The students were divided into small groups to discuss how to apply these axes within their universities. Practical steps to achieve these axes were discussed, which resulted in many recommendations, the most important of which are: Enhancing youth’s sense of belonging to society through activities and programs that promote social integration, and lowering the voting age to allow many Young people to participate in political life, establish official youth bodies to provide a platform for young people to express their views and interests, increase funding for youth activities through handicraft projects adopted by the ministry, as well as preparing a training program between the two ministries of higher education represented by the Leadership Development Institute and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to qualify young people to imitate leadership positions, in addition to developing the “Best Volunteer” program, developing the “Ideas Bank” program, the “Beauty of Our Home in Our College” initiative to decorate the walls of the university, and many other important recommendations that face urgent issues in Egyptian society.

The workshop was held in the presence of Ms. Shereen Safwat, Director of the Parliament and Civil Education Department, and a group of volunteer students to transfer their experiences and the experience of simulating them to Parliament, and how a young man can be a leader and influencer. Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Jilani, coordinator of the Institute with Al-Madina, and Dr. Khaled Fawzy, Director of the Youth Cadres Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

For his part, Dr. Karim Hammam, Director of the Institute for Leadership Development, confirmed that the workshops are a valuable opportunity for young people to exchange ideas and opinions on how to achieve the goals of the National Strategy for Youth and Adolescents. The workshop also seeks to motivate young people to actively participate in the development of society through joint work and the adoption of positive values. .

In turn, Ms. Iman Abdel Jaber, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, explained that this workshop reflects the importance of youth as a driving force for change and development, and highlights the role of universities in motivating young people to achieve their positive contributions to their societies.

She also emphasized that the ministry always seeks to invest in people, adopt youth ideas and work on them, and provide all support for youth initiatives.

With regard to the area of ​​interest in the recreational aspect of the students, a recreational trip was organized with the aim of enjoying fun and different activities.

Many water activities were practiced on the sea, in addition to making sand models that express the axes of the strategy. The Noble Leader Forum concluded with taking a commemorative photo and handing over certificates.

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