President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries: Applied Technology Schools are an initiative to change the community’s thinking

Engineer Mohamed Zaki El-Sewedy, President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, confirmed that these protocols are a continuation of the path of success and the fruit of the effort between the Ministry and the Federation, pointing out that the technological schools are an initiative to change the mindset of society.

Engineer Mohamed Zaki Al-Suwaidi added that the joint efforts between the Ministry of Education, the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and the National Initiative for Industry Development (Ibdaa), to graduate technical workers for the Egyptian and foreign labor market, pointing to the role of the Federation of Egyptian Banks as the official sponsor for the establishment of the schools stipulated in this protocol, stressing that he placed his confidence In supporting civil society, employment, and youth.

Muhammad Zaki Al-Suwaidi continued that the labor market is the true criterion for graduates of technical education, and they are one of the factors that attract investments that are achieved through the required technical quality and work in the internal and external market, indicating that we help the youth mass to be a productive mass and have high opportunities by providing education and training. Continuous and upgrading of the level that helps qualify for the labor market.

Amani Eid, CEO and Managing Director of the National Industry Development Initiative (Ibdaa), also praised the signing of the protocol, and indicated that improving the mental image about technical and technical education is the main factor for developing technical education, because the human element is the basis for the development of the industrial sector.

Eng. Abdel Rahman Zawbaa, Head of the Training, Research and Development Sector, said that the National Initiative for the Development of Egyptian Industry “Ibdaa” and the Federation of Egyptian Industries are partners in the project to develop technical education and vocational training, and the schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education have begun to be developed in accordance with international standards, and converted into the applied technology schools system. In addition to developing training centers affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, because the development of continuous education and training is the way to raise the efficiency of the workforce in the industrial sector in Egypt.

The protocols were signed by Dr. Mohamed Megahed, Deputy Minister for Technical Education, and Dr. Mohamed Zaki El Sewedy, Head of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

The protocols stipulate that the Federation of Egyptian Industries or the academic house of expertise assigned to it take the necessary measures to accredit the school through the Unit for Operation and Management of Applied Technology Schools in the Ministry. evaluation process.

The assignment includes contracting with international bodies to obtain international accreditation for the school and graduate certificates to maximize graduates’ chances of joining the local, regional and international labor market.
On the part of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Eng. Mohamed Zaki Al-Suwaidi, President of the Federation, Dr. Jihad Amer, Director of Government Relations and Head of the Technical Office of the President of the Federation, and Dr. Khaled Abdel-Azim, Executive Director of the Federation, attended.

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