Shehata: Initiating the procedures related to the work of the labor market information infrastructure platform

Labor Minister Hassan Shehata confirmed that the ministry is in the process of reviewing the procedures manuals and legislation related to the work of the information infrastructure platform system for the labor market to comply with the goals and vision of the Egyptian state in promoting concepts of governance and consolidating the principles of transparency, and presenting accurate information and data on the labor market. This came during a meeting. This evening, Wednesday, a video conference was held with the Minister of Communications, Dr. Amr Talaat, his deputy, Eng. Khaled Al-Attar, and the CEO of “DXC”, the company responsible for implementing the information infrastructure platform system for the labor market, where the Minister of Communications and his deputy presented a vision of the system that will be implemented within the Ahmose project, which is one of the national projects aimed at building a digital government Participatory and sustainable, centered on citizen service through an integrated information system.

Provide integrated databases for interested parties

The Minister of Labor, Hassan Shehata, stated that the “system” aims to provide integrated databases for the concerned parties, and provide dynamic reports for the labor market with parties from the government represented by the Ministry of Labor, individuals looking for work, and business owners in line with the state’s strategy, Egypt’s vision 2030, and achieving sustainable development goals. Towards the quality of services provided to the citizen.

The meeting was attended by Counselor Hussein Sabry Al-Bakbashi, Advisor to the Minister for Information and Digital Transformation, Counselor Khaled Radwan, Information Consultant for the Emergency Fund, Engineer Ayman Qatamesh, Head of the Central Administration for Vocational Training, Manal Abdulaziz, Head of the Central Administration for Minister’s Office Affairs, and Hind Muhammad Safaa Al-Din, Director of the Automation Services Project. The Ministry of Labor, Mohamed Kamal, Director General of the General Department of Infrastructure and Information Security, and Omnia Abdel Hamid, Technical Assistant in the Minister’s Office.

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