Soha Gendi: We are moving forward in preparing joint programs for youth and expatriates from Egypt, Greece and Cyprus

Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, held a meeting with Mr. George Kotsiras, Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Expatriate Affairs, on the sidelines of her participation in the World Conference for Expatriates, held in Nicosia, Cyprus, to enhance cooperation between Egypt and Greece in all fields of interest. subscriber.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Dimitris Yuldassis, Director of the Diplomatic Court of the Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sarah Mamoun, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Projects and Conferences Affairs, and advisors and members of the Egyptian and Greek embassies in Cyprus.

Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, expressed her happiness and welcome to this meeting, saying: “Today I am very happy to meet friends with whom we have an ancient history and a promising present.”

The Minister of Immigration added, during her meeting with the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister for Expatriate Affairs, that this meeting was held to discuss several proposals and joint agreements in the fields of immigration, tourism, investment, and other issues of common interest based on our close historical relationship.

For his part, Mr. George Kotsiras, Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Expatriate Affairs, expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for all the efforts made by the Minister of Immigration in support of all groups of the Greek community living on the land of Egypt, stressing the deep love that the Greek people have for Egypt and its civilization. , and the importance of working in an expanded bilateral manner to enhance the pillars of stability in both countries, which was discussed in the discussion between His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during his meeting with his Greek counterpart.

Kotsiras expressed his aspiration for more bilateral cooperation in many different fields, which convey to new generations the close ties between the two countries, not only at the political level that enjoys unprecedented consensus and support, but also in the fields of economy, art and culture, which support bilateral relations between the two peoples.

The Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Expatriate Affairs conveyed his country’s desire to support relations at the bilateral level in parallel to the continuation of joint work within the tripartite framework of the “Revive Roots” initiative with Cyprus, based on the great success it achieved at the level of popular diplomacy for various age groups, and the need to build on what There have already been successes in the file of cooperation with the Greek and Cypriot communities, and the distinguished historical relations that bring together the peoples of the three countries, as well as building on the strength of the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries, Egypt and Greece, with their political leaderships.

The discussion also dealt with the agreement to start preparations for the next tripartite meeting between Ambassador Soha Gendy, Minister of Immigration, Mr. Marios Lysiotis, Cypriot Presidential Commissioner for Expatriate and Returnee Affairs, and Mr. George Kotsiras, Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Expatriate Affairs, so that one of the countries with the highest concentration of expatriates is selected. The three to hold the preparatory meeting for the fifth edition of the “Revive the Roots” initiative, and to give opportunities to new generations to introduce them to the history of relations between the two countries through documentaries (which the Egyptian minister suggested should be an archive for future generations, introducing them to the common history of their ancestors), and to organize cultural events periodically that explain to generations The new reality of the convergence of the two peoples.

The Minister also stressed the need to work on developing aspects of cooperation under the umbrella of the “Revive Roots” initiative, by launching more sub-initiatives related to youth and tourism, noting that there are many issues in which joint cooperation must be developed and in which the three countries lack focus on cooperation. Such as investment, marine tourism, yacht tourism, ports, food tourism, religious tourism and medical tourism, for which Egypt will soon hold a conference, which will promote the three countries as tourist destinations within the joint regional framework, as it invited the Greek official to visit the Monastery of St. Catherine in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, when It has a common historical and religious value between the two peoples. It was also agreed to intensify meetings at the ministerial level and at the youth level of the three countries, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.

For his part, Mr. George Kotsiras extended an invitation to Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, to visit Greece, appreciating Egypt’s recent position in providing all aspects of support and assistance to Greece in fighting forest fires as a result of the high temperature, a position that Greece will not forget.

The Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs requested the consideration of the Ministry of Education and the Egyptian concerned ministries in facilitating residency procedures and work permits for Greek teachers working in Greek schools, which Her Excellency promised to consult with the relevant ministries regarding to solve it.

In this regard, the Minister of Immigration indicated Egypt’s keenness to coordinate jointly in international forums, and to provide all aspects of support to the Greek community residing in Egypt, most of whom are stationed in Alexandria, due to the presence of many Greek schools, social clubs and associations there, and the fact that Alexandria is a city of diverse cultures and a port. Dooley has embraced many members of foreign communities throughout the ages, and the importance of continuing dialogue between peoples, just as the coastal city was, since ancient times, one of the sources of dialogue with thought, literature and science.

During the meeting, it was agreed to hold pending meetings with friendly countries that have common relations with the three countries, which were agreed in the last ministerial meeting to be led by France and the United States, to discuss cooperation between the communities of the three countries in a number of special fields such as the medical field. investment, or scientific.

The meeting concluded with Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, and Mr. George Kotsiras, Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Expatriate Affairs, confirming the need to move forward in preparing joint programs for youth and expatriates from the three countries to revive and remind the common roots, history and culture.

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