Steps to register the desires of coordinating the second stage 2023 for high school students

Today, Tuesday, the coordination of the second stage for high school students began, so the search rates for steps to register the desires to coordinate the second stage 2023 increased, so that students can coordinate their desires for the desired and available colleges and institutes during the second stage.

Steps to register the desires to coordinate the second stage 2023

In the following report, we show the steps for registering the desires to coordinate the second phase 2023, as well as coordinating the minimum limits for the phase.

Coordination of the wishes of the second stage for high school students is from the electronic coordination site available through the computer laboratories in Egyptian universities or through the student’s personal computer, over the course of 24 hours.

  • Format high school wishes from the existing electronic coordination website here.
  • After the page opens, you must click on Click here to enter the page
  • Click on (Click here to register your wishes)
  • Choose the type of certificate (high school schools – schools of science and technology)
  • Write the seat number
  • Then enter the password
  • (The secret number is the number written on the success form)
  • Confirmation number (written in front of you on the screen)
  • Retype the confirmation number
  • Then the next step is to register your wishes.

The minimum coordination for the second stage is 2023

The minimum for the scientific stream is 250 degrees or more, or 60.98%, with the number of students: 259,445, and the minimum for the literary stream: 238 degrees or more, or 58.05%, with the number of students: 90,688.

How to choose second phase coordinating wishes 2023

The number of desires available to the student on the electronic coordination website, which must be registered, is 75 desires.

Desires are arranged either by sectors of specialization allowed for the student’s division or by universities, according to the student’s desire to enroll in the college or institute he wants to enroll in, as well as according to the lists of graduated geographical distribution, which have been developed to reduce the phenomenon of student alienation.

The student must choose the colleges in the first geographical range, before choosing in the next geographical range, and the student can transfer from one major to another, provided that the conditions described above are met.

Knowing that desires can be modified several times, and the student is coordinated according to the last modification he made on the site, as the site keeps the last modification made by the student.

It is possible to print the wishes that he entered, and obtain a receipt with a specific number, dated with the date and time of submission, or keep a copy of the student’s wishes on his personal computer; So he can refer to it when needed.

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