Supply: Offering birthday sweets at 25% discounts at the Ministry’s outlets

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade announced that the Sugar Company for Integrated Industries has offered Mawlid sweets in the outlets affiliated with the Ministry at 25% lower prices compared to their counterparts in the market.

Major General Essam Al-Budaiwi, head of the Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, said that cans will be offered with weights ranging from one to 5 kilograms, at prices starting from 85 pounds per kilogram, according to the components of the can.

Increase the packing capacity of the sugar factory

Earlier, Al-Budaiwi said that within the framework of the ministry’s development strategy, the packing capacity of the sugar factory in the Hawamdiya area was increased from 100 tons per day to 500 tons per day at a cost of 3 million pounds as a first stage, pointing out that the target is to increase packing in the second stage to 800 tons. A day at a cost of about 500 thousand pounds.

Al-Budaiwi noted that the company will start from next October to refine 50,000 tons of sugar for the Sugar Integrated Industries Company, about 75,000 tons for the General Authority for Supply Commodities, and 25,000 tons for the Fayoum Sugar Company.

He stressed that the company’s production of sugar is directed entirely for the benefit of ration cards by about 65 thousand tons per month, which is pumped into the outlets of the Holding Company for Food Industries.

Al-Badawi added, during the last season, 850 thousand tons of sugar were produced from sugar cane, expecting to achieve a surplus in production during the next season in the range of 80 thousand tons of sugar, which will be offered on the commodity exchange.

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