Taj El-Din: We are in a good position in the file of rationalizing the use of antibiotics

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, stressed the need to beware of excessive use of antibiotics, explaining that excessive use of any medication without medical advice and without reason is a great danger.

Our situation is good

Taj El-Din stressed during the activities of the Health Care Authority’s health conference to reduce the excessive use of antibiotics, that Egypt is in a good position in the file of rationalizing the use of antibiotics, and it is not as bad as some promote, indicating that every country has a guide in cases that require treatment with antibiotics.

Awad Taj El-Din appealed to the need to follow the guideline, saying: “We have scientists and experts in the medical field and universities at the highest level, and we only lack implementation on the ground.”

Today, Wednesday, the General Authority for Health Care launched the second medical conference for the optimal use of antimicrobials and infection control (AMR), which was organized by the Authority in cooperation with one of the pharmaceutical and biological companies operating in Egypt.

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