The Acting President of Ain University follows up on the developments of Ain Shams Medical City

Dr. Ghada Farouk, Acting President of Ain Shams University, met with Major General Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed Saleh, Director of the Military Works Department, and Dean. Prof. H. Wael Salama Metwally, Commander of the 150th Brigade, Military Works, Dr. Ali Al-Anwar, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of the Board of Directors of University Hospitals, Dr. Tariq Youssef, Executive Director of University Hospitals, and Dr. Yasser Mujahid, Director of the Engineering Consultation Center, and the consultants of the Ain Shams Medical City project, to review the developments of the work Developing the Ain Shams University Hospitals area, and transforming it into an international medical city in the heart of Cairo.

Presidential directives for the Ain Shams Medical City project

During the meeting, Dr. Ghada Farouk stressed the need to intensify work to finish this great and important national project, which is of interest to His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, as he issued a decision to develop that area and transform it into a high-level medical city, by establishing a new and advanced medical and administrative infrastructure, and creating an environment Attractive work, beautifying the public site, eliminating random gatherings, automating the Medical City hospitals, and deepening the digital transformation in their methods of work.

Stressing that His Excellency the President directed to ensure the sustainability of operation, maintenance and management at the highest level, in order to achieve the state’s goal of providing distinguished medical services to all Egyptians in a real, tangible and sustainable manner, in addition to developing the medical scientific research environment and strengthening Egypt’s role as a scientific and medical beacon in the region.

Major General Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed Ali also stressed the necessity of completing the projects according to the timetables prepared for the project. His Excellency referred to the close cooperation between the Department of Military Works and the Engineering Consultation Center at the university, which led to advancing the work until reaching the required rates.

Ain Shams University Hospitals provide the best medical services to patients

Dr. Ali Al-Anwar explained that Ain Shams University hospitals are keen to provide the best medical services to patients, pointing out that the integrated medical city of Ain Shams University is a large project that seeks to provide health care to Egyptians and is considered a scientific edifice for researchers in the medical fields, and includes several hospitals and medical centers in all specialties. General and accurate, and a center for medical research.

Dr. Tarek Youssef added that the university hospitals at Ain Shams University are always proactive and pioneering, and possess many competencies that can contribute to raising the efficiency of the health care system in Egypt.

Dr. Yasser Mujahid confirmed that the implementation rates of the medical city are proceeding according to the specified timetables, reviewing the current position of the project and the construction work that has been completed and the percentage of completion achieved so far.

The medical city of Ain Shams University includes 11 projects

It is noteworthy that the medical city of Ain Shams University includes 11 projects, foremost of which is the fences and gates project to prevent overcrowding, Al-Waili Park, Arab Al-Mohammadi Park, the largest garden, the doctors’ residence garden, and the Al-Demerdash Park project.

It also includes the Medical City, Al-Demerdash Hospital, Surgical Hospital, Al-Batinah Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Chest Hospital, Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Center, Clinical Toxicology Center, Cardiac Surgery Institute, Medical Research Center, Main Blood Bank, and the College of Medicine.

Among the medical city’s projects are also the new emergency hospital project, the new blood bank project, Al-Demerdash clinics, and the endoscopes building project.

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