The completion of the training of 1205 students in “atomic energy”… and the third batch begins

Within the framework of the summer training program for training Egyptian university youth in the centers of the Atomic Energy Authority, which aims to train 1,900 male and female students from Egyptian universities, the Atomic Energy Authority has finished training the second batch with a total number of 755 students, bringing the total number of students who have completed their training so far to 1,205 students.

Dr. Hedaya Ahmed Kamel, Vice President of the Commission for Training and International Cooperation, stated that the Commission received this week the third batch of 252 students, and they were distributed according to the plan to all the Commission’s centers and projects.

He stated that the Nuclear Research Center in Anshas received 96 students, who were distributed among the divisions of basic nuclear sciences, the Division of Nuclear Materials and Manufacturing, the Division of Radioisotope Applications and the Division of Atomic Reactors.

The National Center for Radiation Research and Technology in Nasr City also received 98 students, who were distributed among the departments of the center, including the Department of Radiation Physics, Radiological Biology, Radiological Engineering, the Department of Radiological Microbiology, and the Department of Solids and Electronic Accelerators. The students will visit the electronic accelerator. The center also received students from the Faculty of Archeology at Fayoum University for an intensive training over two days in the field of using nuclear techniques in archaeological studies.

In conclusion, the Nuclear and Radiological Safety Research Center in Nasr City received 58 students from the universities of Cairo, Assiut and Damanhour. For the first time, students from the University of Arish participated, where they were distributed to the departments of the center, which include the Department of Radiological Protection, Quality Assurance and Control, Design and Operation Safety of Nuclear Facilities, Radiation Safety Sites and the environment, safeguards and physical protection, safety of nuclear installations, safety of operation. The practical training at the central laboratory for radiation measurements will include the radiation safety coefficient and the fuel cycle safety coefficient.

Dr. Amr Al-Hajj, Chairman of the Authority, stated that the summer training program implemented by the Authority is the largest in Egypt, and it receives great interest from all the Authority’s leaders, heads of scientific centers and projects, and members of the faculty of the Authority. importance of nuclear science.

Dr. Sherif El-Gohary, the authority’s official spokesman, stated that the summer training program is distinguished by the geographical diversity of university students, as there are students from all universities and governorates, which helps to exchange experiences between students and increase knowledge of the activities of other universities. Sciences at Al-Arish University, where they are trained at the Nuclear and Radiological Safety Research Center in Nasr City

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