The date for the result of submitting Kindergarten Azhar and the papers required for submission

The search rates for the link to inquire about the result of submitting Al-Azhar kindergartens rise after the end of the application period for the kindergarten stage and the first grade of primary school in Al-Azhar institutes.

The result of the introduction of Al-Azhar Kindergarten

In the following report, we show a link to inquire about the result of submitting Al-Azhar Kindergarten and the papers required for submission as soon as the result of the initial admission is announced.

Inquiries about the result of presenting kindergartens in Al-Azhar institutes are made through the Al-Azhar electronic portal located here

Once you open the page, a message appears written in it

(The application period for admission to Al-Azhar education, the first level of kindergarten and the first grade of primary school, has ended for all public and private Al-Azhar institutes, and preparations are underway to announce the result of coordination to enroll in Al-Azhar institutes).

As soon as the kindergarten submission result appears, a link for the result will be activated, which is (kindergarten submission result)

be selected

And the login is done

Write the guardian’s national number

And the password that he registered when he registered for the account

Click on a word to display the result

In order for the parent to be informed about the result of applying for the kindergarten stage for his child

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Papers required to apply for kindergarten

After the result of submitting a kindergarten for initial admission appears, the guardian must prepare the papers that he submits to the Al-Azhar Institute in which he registered him when applying for his child. These papers are:

A copy of the father’s and mother’s ID cards.

The student’s birth certificate is automated

6 photos with a white background for the student.

The student’s health card and a copy thereof.

A medical report from the health insurance, specifying the student’s health status.

Electricity, water or landline phone bill.

Health and education stamps from post offices.

Online application form.

Plastic case.

Conditions for admission of children to kindergarten in Al-Azhar institutes

The Al-Azhar Institutes sector had stated that the conditions for accepting children in the kindergarten stage for the academic year 2023/2024 are that the age of application for the child starts from the age of 4 years until the age of 5 years, 11 months and 29 days, and the age may be reduced to {6 months} ​​as a minimum age. admissions.

Also, among the basic conditions for accepting a child in the kindergarten stage at the institute where the guardian applied for his child is the existence of vacant places in the kindergarten stage in the administration in which he applied.

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