The deadline for coordinating technical diplomas is 2023, a 3-year system for admission to colleges and institutes

The date for coordinating technical diplomas 2023, the search rates on Google increased from male and female students of technical diplomas and technical institutes, with these search words, to search for the date for coordinating diplomas and technical institutes 2023 and joining them in colleges and institutes according to their group.

Coordination of technical diplomas 2023 is a 3-year system

According to the Coordination Office, the door for coordinating technical diplomas 2023, the 3-year and 5-year system, will open for admission to those who have succeeded in diplomas and technical institutes, next September, after the completion of the coordination of high school diplomas and the result of the second round exams for high school students.

In accordance with the coordination controls set by the Ministry of Higher Education, where students of technical diplomas have access to a large number of institutes affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education, in addition to colleges in technological universities.

Technical diploma majors available for coordination of institutes and colleges

The Ministry of Higher Education is scheduled to announce the regulations for coordination in universities and the admission of technical certificate students, for students of the following majors:

1- Technical secondary school diploma (three-year system and its analogues), who are students of technical secondary school diploma (commercial – industrial – agricultural – tourism and hotels): 60% or more.

2- Diploma of advanced technical secondary schools, the five-year system, and diploma of technical institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and their counterparts according to the following:

Diploma of intermediate technical institutes (commercial – industrial – tourism and hotels – social service) and diploma of private intermediate institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education: 60% or more.

Diploma of advanced schools (commercial – industrial – agricultural – tourism and hotels) five-year system: 60% or more.

Salesian Don Bosco Diploma – Integrated Technology Complex Diploma – Technology Center of Excellence: 60% or more.

Diploma of Technical Institutes of Nursing Division (Nursing) affiliated to universities: 75% or more.
And students of the Diploma of Health Technical Institutes Division (Nursing Technicians) of the Ministry of Health: 75% or more.

Students who obtain a diploma from intermediate institutes of social service with a total score of less than 75% to 65%, their papers are submitted directly to the private higher institutes of social service, where they are accepted into the third year of these institutes.

How to register wishes for technical diplomas 2023

Registration of wishes for technical diplomas 2023 will be available for students who have obtained a technical school diploma (three-five) years, according to the following steps:

Enter the coordination site and select the type of qualification (industrial / commercial / agricultural ….) “three years or five years”, then enter the seat number and its password listed in the success form.

A confirmation statement will appear for the student with his full name and seat number registered in the certificate of success, confirming the data by selecting (Yes), then entering the desires for admission to colleges and institutes according to the specialization.

In conclusion, a button will be pressed to save to record the wishes, and the student can modify the wishes at any time and before announcing the result.

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