The fastest coordination link for the third stage 2023 in the universities of Egypt

The coordination of the third stage for high school students in 2023 began yesterday, Wednesday, August 30, and will continue until Friday, September 1, for students who have a minimum total high school result of 50%, meaning that the student has obtained a total of 205 degrees, and the third stage will also include For students who failed to register in the first and second stages in the general secondary coordination.

Link to coordinate the third stage 2023 in the universities of Egypt

In the following lines, Al-Dustour reviews the link for coordinating the third stage 2023 in Egyptian universities, and the steps for registering desires.

Coordination of the third stage 2023

The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said that the coordination of the third stage will be 2023, and it is scheduled that about 83 thousand and 863 students will be registered in the scientific section, and also the number of 50 thousand and 983 students in the literary section, that is, the total number of high school students will be about About 134 thousand and 846 male and female students, and it will be a minimum of 50% in the general secondary school total, as the student is required to enter the general secondary coordination website via the following link, click from (here).

Steps to register the desires to coordinate the third stage 2023

  1. Go to the High School Coordination website here.
  2. Click on “Coordination of the Third Phase 2023”.
  3. Then write the seat number and the password written in the certificate of success.
  4. Write the identification number inside the site.
  5. Click on the login word.
  6. The student’s data will appear, and below it will be 75 empty boxes that must be filled in.
  7. Then click Save and put the seat number and write the password again.
  8. Register your mobile phone and email.
  9. Then it should be noted that the time to fill out the format is only one hour.
  10. The student is allowed to enter and amend more than once until the closing date of the third coordination stage.

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The third stage of high school 2023

And the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt and Scientific Research revealed that the result of the third stage of high school for the year 2023 will be postponed until registration for students of the second round in the general secondary exams at the General Secondary Coordination site, after which the result will be announced and the student must print the nomination and submit it to the college or institute, which It was stated in the coordination, and it should be noted that the door to reduce alienation will be opened for high school students in the third stage after the end of coordination, and the result will be canceled until the final response is issued in the coordination office regarding reducing alienation.

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