The head of the Egyptian family’s house in London confirms the death of Mohamed Al-Fayed..and his daughter’s husband announces the date of condolence

Mustafa Ragab, head of the Egyptian family house in London, confirmed the news of the death of Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed, indicating that the death was confirmed after contacting the grocers of the Regens Park Mosque in the British capital, London.

Al-Fayed died at the age of 94 in the British capital, London, and the funeral prayer was held over the body after Friday prayers.

Rajab said in statements to “Al-Dustour” that the funeral took place quickly in order to complete the procedures before the end of the weekend so that the body would not remain next week.

For his part, Muhammad Yathrib, the husband of Al-Fayed’s daughter, confirmed that the funeral will take place next Friday, referring to the burial of the body of businessman Muhammad Al-Fayed next to his son, “Dodi Al-Fayed.”

Ashraf Haidar, the husband of Al-Fayed’s granddaughter, announced on his Facebook account the death of the Egyptian businessman, saying: “He died today, may God Almighty have mercy on wife’s grandfather…the Egyptian businessman..Mohamed Al-Fayed..may God have mercy on him and forgive him and let him enter spacious Paradise, and we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

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