The Hotel Chamber is calling for the speedy development of Matrouh Airport to accommodate tourist delegations

Alaa Aqel, head of the Hotel Chamber, demanded the rapid development of Marsa Matrouh Airport and its transformation into a civil airport so that the coming delegations could be accommodated in accordance with the international vision to achieve a sustainable tourism strategy.

Aqel added, in exclusive statements to Al-Dustour, that the city of El-Alameen and the northern coast are witnessing an unprecedented tourism boom, with the increase in the number of tourist delegations coming from abroad, which necessitates the development of airports to accommodate these numbers.

He added that the North Coast region is one of the promising areas, and has directly served domestic tourism for nearly 60 years, so it is necessary to develop the city of Marsa Matrouh and transform its beaches into tourist beaches to become a global city, in addition to the necessity of linking the city of Matrouh with Siwa Oasis; To become an area with integrated facilities for the world to enjoy, as it is a real competition area.

Aqel praised the state’s role in developing the road network, especially the roads linking the city of Hammam and Marsa Matrouh.

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