The International Conference on Population, Health and Development highlights the future vision and facing challenges with advanced ideas

Health and population experts from all over the world will gather at the International Conference on Population, Health and Development (PHDC23), which will be hosted by Egypt from 5 to 8 September 2023 under the auspices and presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to discuss issues related to population, health and development.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, confirmed that the conference focuses on a deep understanding of the main challenges and opportunities facing the world in these areas, praising the joint efforts made by the world to face these challenges.

“We are facing increasing challenges in the field of health, population and development, but thanks to joint efforts and technological innovations, we are able to achieve tangible progress,” the Minister of Health said.

He added that the conference represents an important platform for exchanging ideas and preferences in these crucial areas, and is also expected to be a platform for bringing about real change in global policies and strategies related to health, population and development.

It is noteworthy that the scientific program of the conference includes interactive sessions, workshops and side events with the participation of a group of local and international experts in the field of health, population and development, within the framework of the following axes:

Health, Population and Development: Integration and Concerted Efforts.
Pioneering experiences and best practices in good governance.
Evidence-based integrated policies for a better future.
The role of civil society organizations to support a healthy population for sustainable development.
– The impact of population variables on development: climate changes – water and food security.
– Public health: ensuring a healthy life and achieving well-being for all ages.
– Enhancing the role of primary health care to achieve development.
The One Health approach: promoting public health and protecting the environment.
Empowering women for the welfare and better health of the population.
The mental health of the population and the achievement of development.
– Demographic distribution: economic impact – missed opportunities and potential gains.
Investing for the future: opportunities and trends
Investing in people.
– Digital transformation in the health services sector: artificial intelligence and big data.
– Modern techniques for population forecasting, promoting health and accelerating the pace of development.

The Ministry of Health and Population, in cooperation with international organizations, experts and all stakeholders, has prepared a variety of dialogue sessions and presentations that deal with a multidimensional perspective on the most important issues of population, health and development at the local, regional and international levels, which are delivered by a high-level group of representatives of governments, international and regional bodies and organizations, As well as experts in the fields of population, health and development, led by international and local ministers concerned with population, health and development files, experts of international and international organizations, presidents of international universities, academic professors, representatives of civil society organizations, the business sector and prominent media personalities. with achievable and measurable recommendations.

The conference aims at the participation of various stakeholders and decision makers in population, health and development issues at the global, regional and national levels.

The conference will host 13 ministers of health and population from different countries of the world, 14 deputy ministers, 48 ​​ambassadors, international organizations, many international bodies, Arab organizations and councils (117 representatives), presidents of international universities, a group of international academics, civil society organizations, international alliances, and representatives of companies. Global and local medicines.

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