The Minister of Education and the Governor of Matrouh lay the foundation stone for the Rural Schools Complex and inaugurate the Egyptian Japanese School

Today, Thursday, Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, and Major General Khaled Shuaib, Governor of Matrouh, laid the foundation stone for the Rural Schools Complex, and inaugurated the Egyptian-Japanese School in Matrouh Governorate.

This came, in the presence of Major General Yousry Abdullah, Assistant Minister for the Affairs of the General Authority for Educational Buildings, Major General Ashraf Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Governorate, Representative Jamal Al-Shura, Representative Sahar Eid in the House of Representatives, Engineer Tariq Abdullah, Director of Educational Buildings in the Governorate, and Brigadier General Amr Abdel Majeed, President of the city of Anchorage. Matrouh, and Amr Shehata, Director of the Education Directorate in the governorate.

The cornerstone of a school complex

The Minister and the Governor of Matrouh laid the foundation stone for the Rural Schools Complex of the Marsa Matrouh Education Administration, where the Minister listened to a detailed explanation of the establishment of the complex in terms of area, number of classes, and their density in the different educational stages.

The complex includes the Future Generations School, which includes all educational levels from kindergarten to secondary school, with an area of ​​4,287 square meters and 28 classrooms.

The school complex also includes Sama Al-Alam School for girls, with 22 classrooms and an area of ​​4,480 square meters.

Opening of the Egyptian Japanese School

After that, the minister and the governor went to inaugurate the Egyptian-Japanese school in Marsa Matrouh, which includes all educational levels. The number of classes is 14, and the school extends over an area of ​​5,500 square meters.

The minister and the governor visited one of the kindergarten classrooms at the Egyptian Japanese School, and listened to a detailed explanation about the school’s educational system and the application of tokatsu activities.

The minister explained that this educational system seeks to meet the psychological needs and develop the basic skills of the child, stressing the importance of teaching students tokatsu activities, which include personal skills, self-development, research, responsibility, respect for others, and how to manage time.

Children’s play area

The minister also inspected the children’s play area in the school, which was designed to suit the age group of the students, and directed the minister to adhere to protection and safety factors for the safety of the students.

The minister indicated that the ministry aims to expand these schools further during the coming period. To become a pioneering experience in bringing about a quantum leap in the development of education in Egypt, according to the latest international educational systems.

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