The Minister of Education inspects the prefabricated classrooms at El Dabaa Preparatory School for Girls in Matrouh

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education andeducation Today, Thursday morning, technical education, the pre-equipped classrooms at El-Dabaa Preparatory School for Girls affiliated to the El-Dabaa Education Department in Matrouh Governorate, in preparation for its opening at the beginning of the new academic year 2023/2024.

Check out the prefabricated classrooms at El Dabaa Preparatory School

During the visit to the school, the minister was accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister for Technological Development, Major General Yousry Salem, Assistant Minister for the Affairs of the Public Authority for Buildings, Amr Shehata, Director of the Directorate of Education in Matrouh Governorate, and a number of members of the House of Representatives in the governorate.

During his visit to the school, Dr. Reda Hijazi emphasized the importance of prefabricated classrooms in overcoming student densities in the school and contributing to the development of its performance.

Create new schools of technology

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education had announced the establishment of new schools for applied technology for the academic year 2023/2024 and the opening of the door for applications for students who obtained a preparatory certificate to enroll in it, and these include (4) schools in partnership with the Federation of Industries, (2) schools in partnership with the “Bada'” initiative. (4) schools in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in addition to the “we” group of schools, and (4) schools in partnership with industrial partners in various sectors, starting from today, Tuesday, 8/29/2023, until Saturday, corresponding to 9/9. / 2023 via the official website of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

And due to the high turnout of middle school students in its first and second courses, it was decided to reopen the application of some schools of applied technology.

The Ministry affirms that there are conditions that must be met by students applying to these schools, and that the process of selecting students is carried out with the utmost precision and according to specific criteria and conditions, including obtaining the specified total for each school, and passing aptitude tests and personal interviews, noting that many advantages are provided to students from Practical, personal and specialized training according to the latest international standards, in addition to learning in a technological environment that keeps pace with the latest global developments and helps students in innovation and continuous professional and personal development, and the practice of artistic, cultural and sports activities for students in schools.

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