The Minister of Health confirms the permanent coordination with the Ministry of Immigration to solve all the challenges facing Egyptian doctors abroad

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, received Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, to discuss ways of joint cooperation in the files of Egyptian doctors abroad and to develop joint work mechanisms to implement their demands, at the ministry’s headquarters in the new city of El Alamein.

The two ministers discussed the demands and needs of Egyptian doctors abroad, which were conveyed by the doctors during the Minister of Immigration’s meetings with Egyptian communities abroad via “video conference” within the framework of the “Hour with the Minister” initiative, noting that there are a large number of Egyptian doctors abroad with great experience in all medical fields. They have the desire to serve their country and contribute to supporting the health system in Egypt for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen.

The Minister of Immigration added that we seek to meet the needs of Egyptian doctors abroad to facilitate their work during their vacation periods or during their time on a work mission in Egypt, especially the requests that we received from Egyptian doctors from the United States of America, Britain, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, and a number of other countries. He indicated that these needs were represented in the request to facilitate the procedures for obtaining a permit to practice the profession, in addition to the desire of the Medical Council of Texas in the United States of America, to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and seek the assistance of Egyptian doctors, members of the Council with precise specializations and great experience in the Ministry’s efforts to support the health system in Egypt through an agreement to be signed. With the Egyptian Medical Council.

Developing the medical tourism system in Egypt

Ambassador Suha Gendi pointed out that there is also a desire from a number of Egyptian doctors abroad to support the state’s efforts, as part of the strategy to develop the medical tourism system in Egypt, as well as to perform surgical operations during their stay in Egypt, in addition to their desire to donate medical devices.

On a continuous level, the Minister of Immigration conveyed to the Minister of Health the desire of a number of doctors and professors in the most important and largest universities abroad to teach in medical faculties in Egyptian universities as visiting professors during their presence in Egypt, so that our students can benefit from the experiences they gained abroad, in addition to the announcement of many of their desire to provide Training grants abroad for newly graduated Egyptian doctors from medical schools in Egypt, and their desire to cooperate also through the Telemedicine system.

For his part, the Minister of Health appreciated the keenness of Egyptian doctors abroad and their desire to support the health system in Egypt, stressing work on the speedy issuance of licenses to practice the profession, for doctors with experience to practice the medical profession in Egypt during their periods in the Egyptian state, in a way that ensures benefit from their expertise.

The Minister of Health also praised the desire of senior Egyptian doctors and university professors abroad to transfer their scientific expertise to doctors in Egypt by providing training for a number of medical teams inside Egypt, as well as sending a number of medical teams outside Egypt to receive advanced training, in a way that guarantees strengthening their professional capabilities and refining their expertise. It achieves integration and harmony between the medical teams in Egypt and abroad, and benefits the Egyptian patient.

The Minister of Health pointed out that there will also be work and coordination with the Ministry of Immigration to benefit from the expertise of Egyptian doctors abroad in the field of medical tourism, as well as their assistance in performing surgical operations in a number of delicate specialties, and cooperation for the participation of doctors in the telemedicine system. Tele Medicine”, by diagnosing and identifying appropriate treatment methods in various medical specialties.

The minister affirmed the provision of all means of support for the speedy implementation of the demands of Egyptian doctors abroad, in order to achieve their demands and to strengthen means of cooperation to transfer medical and therapeutic expertise, with the aim of improving public health in Egypt, stressing permanent coordination with the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad to work to solve all the challenges facing doctors abroad. .

At the end of the meeting, the two ministers agreed that the Ministry of Immigration would provide the Ministry of Health with the names of Egyptian doctors and their specializations wishing to participate in the various fields of cooperation through which they expressed their desire to support the health system in Egypt, with their expertise that they acquired abroad, so that they could be used according to their specialties, and according to the needs of the health system. in Egypt. In addition, two contact points have been identified in each of the Ministry of Health and Immigration, which will be announced to facilitate the communication of Egyptian doctors abroad with them in order to expedite the completion of all details related to their practice of the profession in Egypt and support their entry with their devices to practice the profession in Egypt during the period of presence, and other ideas, proposals and requirements for cooperation. Doctors mentioned it during their meetings with the Minister of Immigration, including mechanisms for donating medical devices, pharmaceutical materials, medical supplies, and others.

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