The Minister of Housing is following up the implementation rates of 2064 “housing for all Egyptians” units in New Suez

The Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, followed up with the head of the New Suez City Authority, Eng. Asmaa Makhlouf, the implementation rates of 2064 housing units, which are being implemented under the presidential initiative, “The Housing of All Egyptians.”

The minister stressed the importance of this initiative in providing housing units suitable for different income groups, benefiting the people of the governorate, directing the need to pay attention to providing various facilities and services with the implementation of the targeted housing units.

Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf indicated – during her inspection tour; To follow up on the progress of work in the urgent phase with an area of ​​300 acres in the new city of Suez, and to find out the percentage of completion of the works being implemented in the city – that the implementation rate in the residential sector in the units of the Presidential Initiative (housing for all Egyptians) for 86 buildings comprising 2064 housing units amounted to 65%, and in the infrastructure sector The implementation rate in the water sector reached 34%, the sewage sector 75%, and the road sector 65%, stressing the need to take into account all quality standards and the business program.

She said, “The completion rate of the process of implementing 8 shops in the commercial market reached 80%, in addition to the start of excavation and replacement work at the site of the implementation of the nursery, as well as the school in the service area,” stressing the necessity of adhering to the technical specifications of the projects and completing the work in accordance with the specified time programs.

In the same context, Eng. Asmaa Makhlouf inspected the industrial wastewater treatment works at the liquid industrial waste treatment plant, with a capacity of 52,000 m3, in the first sector in Ataka, in the new city of Suez, in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, regarding the need to follow up the operation and maintenance of water and sewage plants in the new cities.

During the visit, the head of the agency stressed the integration of the treatment stages, starting from the reception of raw wastewater and ending with efficient dual-treated water and enhancing its utilization, stressing the need for accurate analysis of waste samples for companies and factories in the region, and full control of the slope line and the ps1 drain riser.

In the same context, engineer Asmaa Makhlouf and officials of the agency met with representatives of the tourist villages south of Sumid in Ain Sukhna. To discuss the problems of water quantities and pressures in the tourism sector, which is fed from the desalination plant of the General Authority for the Economic Zone through an 800 mm water riser.

The head of the New Suez Authority reviewed the water system in the northwest of the Gulf of Suez and the changes that occurred in the region and the current expansions and the consequent increase in the withdrawal of water quantities in the tourist villages. To provide the necessary quantities of water and at appropriate pressures for all villages of the tourist sector, south of Sumid.

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