The Minister of Housing issues 4 decisions to remove building violations in Al-Warraq Island, the northwest coast, and the cities of Obour and Sadat

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, issued 4 decisions to remove building violations located within the cordon of development agencies (Warraq Island – Sector One of the northwest coast – Obour – Sadat).

The minister stressed the need to prevent violations in all their forms, and to take the necessary measures against violators, with the aim of eliminating random phenomena in the new cities, and there are instructions for this to the heads of city agencies.

The decisions stipulated that the 31 building violations located on Al-Warraq Island, represented in violating construction work without a license, be removed by administrative means, as well as building violations established by a car-manufacturing company on a plot of land in the industrial district (B, C) in Obour City, represented in building workshops. With an area of ​​about 57504 square meters without obtaining the necessary building permits, and building violations established by a company on a plot of land on which a school was built in the Dar Misr project in the residential area 17 in Sadat City, represented in the construction of a swimming pool overlapping with responses topped by a “metal structure” canopy, an electric room, a metal caravan and a metal canopy The top of the stadium, without a license and in violation of the license issued for the plot, and the violation of the construction established in a tourist village on the northwestern coast, on the coastal road, Alexandria / Matrouh, which is the construction of 5 fully finished shops without obtaining the necessary building permits.

The decisions included assignments for the development agencies (Al-Warraq Island – the first sector of the northwest coast – Al-Obour – Al-Sadat), with the assistance of the reconstruction police and the relevant police department, to implement the decisions.

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